Watch: The Batman Finally Reveals the Riddler's Face In New Clip

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The Batman is a rare breed of film. Its excitement seems to be unmatched amongst other DC Comics projects—people are dying to witness Robert Pattinson take on the cowl and get another gritty solo story about the Caped Crusader. While some fans were once hesitant about the actor getting the role, that hesitation has seemed to subside given the footage already revealed.

The project will see The Dark Knight two years into his career as the famous vigilante. Along the way, it seems like he will make friends and allies such as the not-yet-Commissioner Gordan, who may or may not double-cross him.

When it comes to the threat of the film, fans will witness The Riddler come to life for the first time on the big screen. Paul Dano will be playing the iconic villain, and based on the look of Matt Reeves’ direction, it’s going to be a dark take.

While all of the past marketing for the character has covered his face with a creepy mask, a new clip shows the psychopath unmasked.

The Riddler Gets Unmasked

The Batman, The Riddler, Paul Dano
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Thanks to Good Morning America, fans have their first look at Paul Dano’s villainous face as The Riddler in the upcoming DC Comics film, The Batman.

As seen below, the clip is a continuation of the diner scene first seen at the beginning of the movie’s second trailer:


Riddle Me This, Batman

The Batman’s marketing has done a fantastic job so far from keeping big spoilers out of the public eye. Even with the many promotional materials that have been released, the villain’s general plan and role in the movie are still unknown.

For those expecting a super comic-accurate take on The Riddler, it might be best to loosen up those expectations. Matt Reeves doesn’t seem too interested in adhering to the source material on that front. When it comes to the character, the director has taken the darker elements and themes of the infamous villain and leaned into them hard.

It will be interesting to see where Paul Dano’s big bad will rank amongst the best-of-the-best once the film has landed and audiences around the world have witnessed his twisted acts.

The Batman hits theaters on March 4, 2022.

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