The Batman Director Reveals Secret Riddler Appearance That We All Missed (Photo)

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The Batman Riddler

Even though Warner Bros.' plans for its DC comic book projects are currently in question, there's no denying that The Batman was a success with fans and critics alike. Starring Robert Pattinson and directed by Matt Reeves, The Batman showcased a young Caped Crusader in a detective tale featuring several of Gotham's villains, such as the Riddler played by Paul Dano

Following the film's release, fans have been learning more about what went on behind the scenes of the film, from Robert Pattinson's training to that deleted scene featuring a new Joker

But now, following its impressive earnings at the box office, The Batman arrived on HBO Max, allowing fans to further appreciate Reeves' filmmaking and discover new hidden details of their own. 

Riddler's Hidden Appearance in The Batman Confirmed

Following the film's HBO Max debut, Twitter user @itsRyanUnicomb shared images from The Batman which appeared to show Paul Dano's Riddler spying from a window near The Iceberg Lounge about 30 minutes into the film. 

The Batman Riddler
Warner Bros.

A silhouette of the Riddler can be seen in the lighted window on the upper left-hand side of the scene. 

The Batman Riddler
Warner Bros.

The full Tweet can be read below:

"Absolutely insane catch by my pal @ajrascals - at exactly 31:55 into #TheBatman you can actually see Paul Dano's Riddler in the window opposite the iceberg lounge. Waiting, watching. Can you confirm 100% @mattreevesLA? #TheBatmanHBO"

Director Matt Reeves actually responded to the Tweet and confirmed the eagle-eyed find, saying, "Indeed, I can confirm. 100%"

The Batman Riddler
Warner Bros.

In the film, The Iceberg Lounge was a club operated by Colin Farrell's Penguin. Not only did this Gotham City locale prove to be a hot spot for criminal evidence, but it was also where Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman worked. 

No wonder Dano's Riddler watched from this specific spot as it allowed him to keep tabs on what was happening on the streets below. 

The Batman Riddler
Warner Bros.


The Riddler's in the Details

While The Batman does contain some action sequences, it's more of a film noir mystery that required careful planning and crafting on behalf of director Matt Reeves and screenwriter Peter Craig. 

If this little Riddler detail was largely unnoticed until now, who knows who or what else Reeves and his team have hidden in this film?

Speaking of unknowns, while the film did reach a conclusion, it also left audiences with additional questions and mysteries, particularly in terms of The Batman's post-credits scene and a URL from the Riddler that led to, of course, a series of riddles

These Easter eggs and puzzles have only kept The Batman conversation going; and again, now that the film is available on streaming, no doubt fans will find further details to discuss leading up to the film's Blu-Ray release on May 24, which is supposed to feature a commentary from Matt Reeves. 

Hopefully, fans will learn even more about what the director hid in this film and possibly the future of the franchise under Warner Bros. Discovery when The Batman becomes available for home release. 

The Batman is now available to stream on HBO Max.

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