The Batman 2 Villain: 10 Most Likely Foes Appearing In Robert Pattinson Sequel

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The Batman 2 villain

Even with the DC Universe in a major state of flux right now, fans are expecting to see more from Matt Reeves' universe that started in 2022's The Batman.

Earning over $750 million in global box office revenue, Robert Pattinson's new take on the Caped Crusader should have a bright future after saving Gotham from a couple of well-known villains in his first go-round. And even though a second solo Batman movie may still be a few years from releasing, fans are already anticipating what new antagonists the Dark Knight will face from his extensive rogues' gallery.

The Batman largely focused on Paul Dano's Riddler as the primary villain, as Edward Nashton became a full-blown terrorist in Gotham City by uncovering some of the Wayne family's secrets and causing a massive flood throughout the downtown core. But also making his presence felt throughout the film was Colin Farrell's Penguin, as well as Barry Keoghan's new take on the Joker, who the Riddler had his first encounter with after being thrown in Arkham Asylum.

With Gotham in a state of emergency after the first movie ended, the opportunity is ripe for more powerful villains to begin their reign of terror over Batman's home in the expected sequel. The original movie's cast and crew have discussed who they want to see Bruce Wayne battle in The Batman 2, but there are no official plans that have been released to the public for any characters involved.

With all that being said, here are 10 villains who have the best chance of appearing in some form during The Batman 2.

The Joker

Warner Bros.

Arguably no hero/villain duo is better known than Batman and the Joker, with Robert Pattinson's first movie bringing the Clown Prince of Crime into play just before the story ended. Fans have only seen his full look through deleted scenes, but with Barry Keoghan bringing a new kind of insanity to the role, it should be only a matter of time before he escapes from Arkham Asylum and shows exactly what he's capable of.

Although Keoghan has already played the Joker in Matt Reeves' universe, it's still unclear whether he will definitively be a part of the sequel to The Batman

The Riddler

Warner Bros.

With Paul Dano's Riddler still being alive and locked up in Arkham at the end of The Batman, he's already plotting his revenge against the Caped Crusader for foiling his plans to uncover Gotham's corruption. Now that he's next-door neighbors with the Joker, he should once again be able to unleash his wrath against Gotham's protector as the two formulate their next plot to cause mayhem after getting out of prison.

Take a look at the marketing campaign that teased the Riddler's comeback in The Batman's post-credits scene.

The Court of Owls

Court of Owls
DC Comics

Although the Court of Owls hasn't been around for very long within the Batman lore, the group is one that multiple The Batman cast members want to see come to life in the second movie. Made up of a secretive contingent of the rich and influential that have ruled over Gotham for hundreds of years, this group is a perfect option to reveal to the public after being hidden in the shadows during Batman's early run.

Robert Pattinson, Paul Dano, and Zoe Kravitz all expressed their own desire to see the Court of Owls make its way into a future movie.

The Penguin

Warner Bros.

While Colin Farrell's Penguin was only on screen for a short time in The Batman, his future appears bright at Warner Bros. beyond his initial battles with Batman and Catwoman. This will likely come in a prequel series showing Oswald Cobblepot's rise through the ranks as he becomes the mob boss that fans saw in his first DC outing, which could also set him up for a comeback in The Batman 2.

Shortly after The Batman was released in theaters, more information was revealed about Farrell's return in his own Penguin solo series.


DC Comics, Bane
DC Comics

When Batman took that quick shot of what appeared to be adrenaline during the movie's final fight, many fans believed it could have been an early version of the Venom toxin, which ties back directly to the powerful villain Bane. Additionally, The Batman 2 screenwriter Matt Tomlin teased the inclusion of a "Batman: Knightfall" story arc, in which Bane heavily cripples Batman after burning out in his time watching over Gotham.

While Bane hasn't been cast in Matt Reeves' The Batman universe yet, Guardians of the Galaxy's Dave Bautista expressed interest in potentially taking on the role.


DC Comic, Two-Face
DC Comics

The Batman saw Peter Sarsgaard's Gil Colson meet his end at the hands of the Riddler, leading to an opening for Gotham's District Attorney position. Batman fans are familiar with one particular DA in Harvey Dent, who hasn't been cast yet, although his inclusion would set the stage for his evil alter-ego Two-Face to go show up after last being seen in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy.

Long after the Dark Knight trilogy ended, Harvey Dent actor Aaron Eckhart shared his thoughts on how his story ended in the 2008 movie.

The Trigger Twins

Trigger Twins
Warner Bros.

Standing outside of the Iceberg Lounge's front door was a pair of twins known as the Trigger Twins, who largely play a similar role as bodyguards in the comics for villains like the Penguin. While they only played a minor role in this movie, they could be in line to move up the ranks at that lounge with Carmine Falcone now dead.

The Trigger Twins could potentially play a bigger role alongside the Penguin as Colin Farrell returns in his own solo series.

Alberto Falcone

Alberto Falcone
Warner Bros.

With Carmine Falcone now dead, The Batman 2 could be the perfect time to introduce his son, Alberto, into a live-action setting for the first time. He's often kept out of the family crime business in the comics, which could provide an opportunity for him to fill a void after his father's death with Gotham now in a state of chaos.

Carmine Falcone was one of over half a dozen villains teased or utilized in 2022's The Batman.


DC Comics

Hush was referenced a number of times in The Batman, most notably with the reporter Edward Elliot who is holding secret information that could take down the Wayne family. In the montage of information, the word "HUSH" even appears on screen for a moment, teasing that Elliot could be lurking in the background waiting to strike.

The Batman director Matt Reeves shared his own desire to use Hush as a villain if he gets the opportunity in the sequel.

Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze
DC Comics

Since Mr. Freeze hasn't been seen in live-action since Arnold Schwarzenegger's portrayal in 1997's Batman & Robin, he seems due for another round in this new era of comic book movies. Victor Fries could be done with a more modern feel in The Batman 2, giving a grounded, realistic take on the ice-cold villain as he uses some incredible technology to bring his powers to the big screen.

Batman star Robert Pattinson shared his thoughts on what a modern Mr. Freeze could look like in the sequel.

Bonus - Catwoman

The Direct Image
Warner Bros.

Although Zoe Kravitz's Catwoman left Gotham on decent terms with Bruce Wayne, the two didn't always see eye to eye in their view of Gotham and how the city operated. There's a chance that she could come back in the sequel looking to bring everything down, the way she almost did in the first movie, and Batman likely wouldn't let her go through with something like that.

Take a look at one of Kravitz's posters released by Warner Bros. during The Batman's promo tour.

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