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Many felt that Robert Pattinson had a stellar introduction in The Batman, with the actor being heavily featured in incredible action sequences throughout the film's lengthy runtime. Before Pattinson's impactful debut, the veteran actor's preparation for the role of Gotham City's protector was well-documented, ranging from catching COVID-19 during production to an eye-makeup-centric story that made him win the audition. 

One aspect of Pattinson's preparation that also made headlines was his training for the role. The Tenet and The Devil All The Time actor previously revealed that it was "exciting" to take on a "full physical transformation" for Batman. In addition, Pattinson also detailed his workout and training regimen to play Bruce Wayne, which includes running 5-10 KM per day three to four times a week and cutting back on alcohol and processed meat. 

Now, a special peek at Pattinson's training has been released.

Robert Pattinson's Training for The Batman

Batman, Robert Pattinson

Erica Arrias, the wife of fight trainer Daniel Arrias, posted a new training video of Robert Pattinson throwing punches at her husband. This video was taken during the actor's preparation in London for the role of the Dark Knight. 

"The talented @d.arrias training Batman (AKA Rob Pattinson)! #batman #batmanfight #fighttrainer#stunts #stuntteam #fightteam#london #behindthescenes#robertpattinson"

The brief clip shows Pattinson in an intense sparring session with his trainer: 


More Training for Robert Pattinson Coming Soon?

While this training video is brief, it still provides an intense look at Robert Pattinson's preparation to take on the role of Batman.

It is unknown when this video was taken, but previous reports indicate that the actor started training for the role in November 2019. Based on that timeline, Pattinson was involved with the training sessions for at least a year, considering that filming wrapped around March 2021

Given that Pattinson was diagnosed with COVID-19 during production, it's reasonable to assume that the actor returned to training to stay in shape, meaning that there's a chance that this video was taken during that restart. 

Playing the role of Batman on-screen requires an incredible physical transformation, and it's safe to say that Pattinson's dedication to his training paid off, as evidenced by the actor's performance in the film's final cut. Given that a sequel to The Batman is already in development, it seems that Pattinson will be back to his usual training regimen to prepare for his comeback to Gotham sooner rather than later. 

The Batman is still playing in theaters worldwide. 

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