Marvel's Eternals Star Salma Hayek Explains Why MCU Movie Is So Different

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Eternals is expected to be one of the most unique entries in the MCU, introducing a whole new set of characters into the ever-expanding franchise.

The film's release was pushed back an entire year to November 5, 2021, meaning Marvel fans will have to wait a bit longer to meet the MCU newcomers. Little is known about the overarching plot, but some information has provided some insight on the Eternals members, including Salma Hayek's Ajak .

Marvel President Kevin Feige had nothing but praise for the upcoming project, saying that Chloe Zhao's pitch was the best he had ever heard . Other personnel associated with Eternals have voiced their adoration for the production , with Thena actress Angelina Jolie affectionately calling it "good crazy."

Another of the film's stars has commented on the film, explaining why Eternals stands out among the MCU's Phase 4 slate...


In an interview with Entertainment Tonight , Eternals actress Salma Hayek discussed how the film sets itself apart from other entries in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Hayek said the film has "its own DNA," in addition to revealing that Eternals uses "real locations" unlike many Marvel Studios productions:

"I think it definitely has its own DNA within the Marvel universe. It is was directed by a woman and we didn't do most of the things in the studio. They're real locations which is unusual for Marvel. I'm very excited about the film, it definitely has the special vibe to it that is unique. I'm really excited about it and I love my character and I love the cast."


Director Chloe Zhao is known for her more grounded approach to filmmaking, being very character-driven as evidenced by her upcoming release Nomadland . Because of this, it would almost seem that Eternals would be at odds with her style, due to Marvel's heavy use of CGI. The use of on-location filming seems to explain this, allowing Zhao to keep Eternals rooted in reality.

It was expected that the film would be a deviation from the standard Marvel format, and Salma Hayek all but confirms these predictions. Guardians of the Galaxy proved that Marvel Studios could take risks with their properties, so Eternals will continue this trend in Phase 4. WandaVision has already thrown people for a somewhat of a loop, so it can be expected that Kevin Feige and co. will continue to experiment as the MCU goes on.

Salma Hayek's excitement for the project bodes well for Eternals too, with her close bond with her fellow actors being a sign of good things to come. With there seeming to be a lot of positive energy between the film's massive cast, perhaps fans will seem much more from the members of the Eternals after their first film comes out.

Eternals is set to premiere in theaters on November 5, 2021.

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