What If...? Finale Review, DC FanDome Preview, Star Wars Costumes Draft (The Direct Podcast)

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By Liam Crowley




Happy Birthday The Direct Podcast!

To celebrate our one-year anniversary, we bring you not one, not two, but THREE feature segments this week alongside the top news.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage was a smash success at the domestic box office. Our Box Office correspondent David Thompson joins the show to break down the numbers and offers expert insight on what this means for future comic book movie theatrical releases.

What If...? has reached its end. Did the finale stick the landing? How did we enjoy the series overall? What's next for Marvel Studios' animated branch?

Star Wars has always wowed in the costume department. We bring back The Direct's Jack Pues to draft the best suits from a galaxy far, far away.

DC FanDome is just one week away! After last year's virtual event, what do the Worlds of DC have in store? We welcome The Direct's Richard Nebens to predict what new details we will get about The Batman, The Flash, Black Adam, and more.

One more time for the people in the back: thank you. This show would not be possible without your relentless support week in and week out. And the best part? We're just getting started.

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2:19 - One Year of The Direct Podcast!

13:43 - Sizzle Reel

15:56 - Eternals Goes to Rome

23:02 - Obi-Wan Release Date Rumors

26:53 - Venom 2 Box Office Report (w/ David Thompson)

45:10 - What If...? FINALE Review

1:16:19 - Best Star Wars Costumes Draft (w/ Jack Pues)

1:52:37 - DC FanDome Preview (w/ Richard Nebens)

2:28:54 - Weekly Recs