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The Direct Podcast: WandaVision Episode 8, Spider-Man: No Way Home, Sariah Wilson

Scarlet Witch Elizabeth Olsen WandaVision
By Matt Roembke




On top of one of the biggest weeks of news The Direct has ever covered, we dive into one of the most in-depth episodes of WandaVision to date!

We break down everything we learned from WandaVision Episode 8 and how this sets up the season finale. With the final pieces on the board, how does this show wrap up? We do what we do best, speculate wildly, with some help from The Direct's very own John Ross Bradford.

We also talk about what will be forever known as the Spider-Man title saga as we finally get the name for Tom Holland's third Spider-Man movie. What does Spider-Man: No Way Home tell us about the upcoming Spidey story?

And, we sit down with US Today best-selling author Sariah Wilson to discuss her exclusive look at the the Star Wars sequel trilogy after chatting with Daisy Ridley and Rian Johnson.

We also cover Loki, the Superman reboot, and, of course, Snyder Cut news. Thank you all for riding with us!


2:50 - Quick Question

6:25 - Sizzle Reel

8:46 - Spider-Man: No Way Home

11:09 - Loki Release Date

12:45 - Superman Reboot w/ JJ Abrams

16:07 - Get it? He’s Jesus?

19:19 - WandaVision Ep8 Review

1:27:50 - WanadaVision Finale Predictions

1:43:52 - Sariah Wilson Interview

2:04:54 - Weekly Recs