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The Direct Podcast: WandaVision Finally Gets a Release Date, The Mandalorian Chapter 11 Review

Episode 7 Art
By Matt Roembke




We have a TON to be excited about this week and it seems to only be getting better. Between WandaVision FINALLY getting a release date and a new episode of The Mandalorian that had Star Wars die-hards standing on the couch, we have a packed show for you!

We dive into what the January 15 release date for WandaVision means for the show, the rest of the MCU, and our feelings. And since we are officially going to go an entire calendar year without MCU content for the first time since '09, we give you our six most rewatchable MCU movies!

We also break down everything from Chapter 11 of The Mandalorian ! This episode was full of moments that Star Wars fans have been waiting for. I won't give away too many spoilers, but if you couldn't tell by the picture in the article, it is a big episode. To break everything down with us, we are joined by our resident Star Wars expert from DUUUUVAL!... Jack Pues.


4:50 - Top Stories

7:00 - New WandaVision Release Date

23:07 - Mandalorian Ch. 11 Review

50:42 - Stan Lee Tribute

56:19 MCU Rewatch List

1:29:00 - Weekly Recomendations