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The Direct Podcast: Top Loki Moments, Shazam 2 Costume, Chris Hemsworth's Arms

The Direct Podcast Episode 36
By Matt Roembke

* The Direct Podcast will be releasing on Fridays starting June 11 *




This week is full of top news, a look into the content schedule, and a review of the best Loki moments in the MCU. 

We spend way to much time breaking down Chris Hemsworth's arms in a recent picture announcing the wrap of Thor: Love and Thunder.

Shazam 2 will feature an updated look for the title hero. We go into what we like about it and what we are most excited for in the sequel. 

With Loki being released on Wednesdays, we will see our first real overlap of content in Phase 4 of the MCU. How will you handle Black Widow being released between the pen-ultimate and final episode of Loki. 

And we finish things up with a list of the best Loki moments so far in the MCU! What is your favorite?


2:28 - Production Note

4:28 - Quick Question

11:18 - Sizzle Reel

13:43 - Hemsworth's Biceps / Thor 4 Wraps

17:48 - Ruffalo / She-Hulk Photos

20:07 - Shazam 2 Footage

26:08 - The Bigger Picture: Overlapping Content

44:35 - Best Loki Moments List

1:15:01 - Weekly Recs