The Direct Podcast: What If Episode 4 Review, DC FanDome Updates, Best MCU Weapons Draft

Doctor Strange, The Batman, Boba Fett, What If
By Liam Crowley




In the third episode of The Direct Podcast this week, Liam and Matt break down all the top news from all three branches.

Wanda Maximoff is going to fight a character from the Fox Marvel movies in Doctor Strange 2! Is Mark Ruffalo in Moon Knight? What can we expect from DC FanDome this year?

Marvel television continues to own 2021 as Disney+ drops the latest episode of What If...?. This shockingly dark twist on Doctor Strange's fateful accident had both of us feeling all the emotions. We break down everything from What If...?'s new episode and speculate on its potential to integrate elements into the live-action MCU.

We wrap with another installment of The Direct Draft. In honor of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, we draft our favorite weapons from the MCU alongside The Direct's Richard Nebens.

If you're looking for our Shang-Chi review, we have a BONUS EPISODE dedicated to that already on the podcast feed!

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3:27 - Quick Question

9:01 - Tribute to Chadwick Boseman

11:42 - Sizzle Reel

14:39 - DC FanDome Announces Lineup

17:28 - Scarlet Witch vs. Fox Marvel Character in Doctor Strange 2

20:17 - Leaked Spider-Man Set Photo

24:45 - Massive Moon Knight Updates

29:19 - What If...? Ep4 Review

53:31 - The Direct Draft: Best MCU Weapons (w/ Richard Nebens)

1:33:40 - Weekly Recs