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The Direct Podcast: WandaVision Series Review, Snyder Cut Talk, MUTANTS!

Scarlet Witch X-Men Batman
By Matt Roembke




Well... WandaVision has come and gone. And while we will cherish every moment we have had the last two months, we are also excited to look ahead at the future of the MCU, DCU, and Star Wars universes. Thank you WandaVision !

We break down everything from the series finale and WandaVision as a whole. Matt and Liam also perform the thankless task of ranking WandaVision within the MCU live on air.

Snyder Cut promotion is in full swing, and we explain how we feel about the character promos and the chapters for the four-hour spectacular.


1:30- Quick Question

7:30- Mutants

13:35- The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

26:09- WandaVision Review

33:27- SPOILERS!

1:26:42- WandaVision Final Thoughts

1:45:26- WandaVision in the MCU

1:52:25- Weekly Recs