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Wonder Woman 1984 on HBO Max in January? Warner Bros. Considering Early Streaming For Gal Gadot Film

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By Richard Nebens

The DC Extended Universe is still set to make its grand return to theaters worldwide with the highly anticipated release of Wonder Woman 1984 , although the worldwide pandemic has continued to throw a wrench into the studios plans just as it has for every other major studio in the business.

The Patty Jenkins-directed sequel completed all of its filming in January 2019 and post-production not long afterwards, but Warner Bros has had to push the movie's release at seemingly every turn before it finally landed on Christmas Day 2020. That release may be in doubt once again thanks to a new report revealing that the studio is debating a few different options for the DCEU's first sequel.


A new report from Variety has revealed that Warner Bros. executives are debating on what to do with the release of Wonder Woman 1984 from the DC Extended Universe. Sources close to this story say the most viable options right now are keeping the theatrical debut on December 25, 2020 and having it premiere on HBO Max in early January, or shifting the release even further to the summer of 2021.


As 2020 continues to be a complete disappointment for movie fans all over the world, this comes as yet another difficult decision for a major studio with so much on the line alongside this movie. With the world still working to make it safe for large gatherings to make their way back into every day life, that aspect of life is proving to be a necessity for big budget action films like Wonder Woman 1984 .

Gal Gadot's DCEU sequel has previously held release dates on June 2, August 14 and October 2 before its currently set debut on December 25, but a continued spike in COVID-19 cases has made it tough for Warner Bros to feel comfortable releasing the movie to the world, especially in major metropolitan areas. With the threat of another widespread shutdown in the mix, the studio has been forced to weigh out its options, even though that puts yet another anticipated superhero movie further out of fans' grasps.

Wonder Woman 1984 is still set for global release on December 25, 2020, although there is a chance that it could be delayed once again.

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