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The Direct Podcast: Loki Finale Review, Marvel Studios' Emmy Nominations, Black Widow's Box Office

Loki, The Direct Podcast, Black Adam, Korg and Deadpool
By Liam Crowley




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After a packed episode last week, The Direct Podcast returns with even more content. The Sizzle Reel is hot once again, highlighted by Deadpool's MCU debut. What does this mean for the Marvel future of the Merc with a Mouth? Can we expect R-Rated Ryan Reynolds?

And how about that Loki finale?! Liam and Matt break down everything from the season's sixth episode. What does [SPOILERS] mean for the future of the MCU? Does its events retrospectively hurt the Infinity Saga? Most importantly, did it stick the landing?

The Loki content does not stop there, as we are joined by Boastful Loki himself, DeObia Oparei for an interview. What was working alongside Richard E. Grant like? How did Tom Hiddleston prepare him for the role? Can we expect a Boastful Loki return? Oparei tells all.

Black Widow is FINALLY in theaters, but how did it perform at the box office?'s David Thompson joins Liam to analyze the numbers while predicting the potential future of hybrid releases.

At long last, Emmy nominations are here, and Marvel Studios and Lucasfilm dominated. What awards can we expect WandaVision to take home? Can The Mandalorian's second season win as much as its first? Does this set the precedent for the Oscars to nominate more blockbuster properties?

As always, we wrap by giving you our weekly recommendations. Thank you ALL for your unwavering support each and every week. Those iTunes reviews are what make heavily-segmented episodes like this possible, so keep 'em coming!


4:12 - Quick Question

8:55 - Sizzle Reel

11:59 - Deadpool's MCU Debut

21:30 - Loki FINALE Review

1:25:45 - DeObia Oparei ('Boastful' Loki Interview)

1:41:20 - Black Widow's Box Office Performance (w/'s David Thompson)

1:48:35 - Marvel Studios and Lucafilm's Emmy Nominations

2:12:11 - Weekly Recs