Hawkeye Trailer Breakdown, Shang-Chi Rankings Update, David Yarovesky Interview (The Direct Podcast)

The Direct Podcast Episode 51
By Matt Roembke




This might be the most packed episode of The Direct Podcast ever.

What If...? officially enters the home stretch with the latest installment asking the question: What if Killmonger rescued Tony Stark? We break down the much-anticipated episode featuring Erik Stevens and Tony Stark.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings has been a box office darling in these pandemic times and it is now time to decide where it falls on our MCU rankings. Liam and Matt break down where Shang-Chi falls on their personal lists and compare that to The Direct's official MCU rankings. 

The Hawkeye trailer is here and the final MCU Disney+ project in 2021 is just around the corner. What did we learn from the trailer? What are we most excited about? What are we least excited about? The hype train has left the station as the MCU does Christmas again on November 24. 

Marvel revealed that FOUR unnamed MCU movies will be releasing in the year 2024. With Phase Four expecting to wrap up around then, we predict which movies fall into those slots. 

Aside from Marvel, we have major news in the worlds of DC and Star Wars. Peacemaker has given us a first look! The Mandalorian has a major production update! We analyze what both pieces of news mean for the future of 2022 content.

We also have an interview with the wonderful David Yarovesky. David chats about his latest film, Nightbooks, his friendship with James Gunn, his career aspirations, and much more.

Thanks y'all for the support week in and week out. Keep those iTunes reviews coming!


3:10 - Quick Question

9:04 - Sizzle Reel

11:21 - Andrew Garfield / Spider-Man Update

16:50 - Hawkeye Trailer

32:02 - Four New Marvel Studios 2024 Release Dates

40:39 - Shang-Chi Saves Eternals

43:36 - First Look at Peacemaker

47:43 - Mandalorian Season 3 Production Update

55:32 - What If...? Ep6 Review

1:26:52 - David Yarovesky Interview

1:56:03 - MCU Rankings Update

2:18:55 - Weekly Recs