DC FanDome Officially Announced, New Details Revealed

DC Logo, Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Robert Pattinson's Batman, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn

While the world is slowly adjusting due to the current pandemic, the same has been true for the entertainment industry. New shooting guidelines are being handed out to different film and TV productions in order to for them to resume amid the pandemic. Under the same umbrella, large pop culture conventions also took a major hit since fan gatherings were prohibited to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Even though some of the earlier announced conventions are already canceled such as Star Wars Celebration 2020 , a good number of them are still slated to continue virtually. Previously, San Diego Comic-Con announced the at-home edition of the event that will take place next month, promising to deliver the SDCC experience around the globe for free for the first time.

In the same week, a report from Geeks Worldwide revealed that DC is planning to do its own convention in the form of DC FanDome in August, which aims to deliver major announcements for all of their current properties across all forms of media. And now, an official announcement from DC has surfaced online which reveals a ton of information about the much-anticipated virtual gathering.


DC officially announced DC FanDome, an event that will showcase DC's past, present, and future. While the announcement confirmed the earlier report about the event taking place on August 22 (Saturday) starting at 10:00 AM PDT, the virtual DC showcase will only be accessible for 24 hours at DCFanDome.com .

The convention will provide new updates across the DC Multiverse which will feature Warner Bros. Games, film, TV, and comics. On top of that, there will also be a special panel of cast and creators from several DC feature movies and TV shows which include the likes of Wonder Woman 1984, The Batman, Batwoman, Doom Patrol , The Flash , and Zack Snyder's Justice League . From exclusive footage to special presentations, DC FanDome provides fans worldwide an escape like no other.

Imagine all the Super Heroes and Super-Villains you’ve ever loved finally coming together in one place to celebrate DC’s past, present and future.  Accessible for 24 hours at DCFanDome.com, the global event will immerse fans into the DC Multiverse, with new announcements from WB Games, Film and TV, and comics, as well as an unprecedented opportunity to hear from the casts and creators behind your favorite feature films and TV series, including: Aquaman, The Batman, Batwoman, Black Adam, Black Lightning, DC Super Hero Girls, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, DC’s Stargirl, Doom Patrol, The Flash, Harley Quinn, the SnyderCut of Justice League, Lucifer, Pennyworth, SHAZAM!, The Suicide Squad, Supergirl, Superman & Lois, Teen Titans GO!, Titans, Watchmen, Young Justice: Outsiders and, coming this fall to theaters worldwide, Wonder Woman 1984.

Ann Sarnoff, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Warner Bros., shared that DC FanDome is an opportunity "to give fans from around the world an exciting and unparalleled way to connect with all their favorite DC characters, as well as the incredible talent who bring them to life on the page and screen.”

“There is no fan like a DC fan.  For more than 85 years, the world has turned to DC’s inspiring heroes and stories to lift us up and entertain us, and this massive, immersive digital event will give everyone new ways to personalize their journey through the DC Universe without lines, without tickets and without boundaries. With DC FanDome, we’re able to give fans from around the world an exciting and unparalleled way to connect with all their favorite DC characters, as well as the incredible talent who bring them to life on the page and screen.”

An important part of DC FanDome is the Hall of Heroes where fans will get to immerse themselves into many different experiences.

The epicenter of the DC FanDome is the Hall of Heroes, where you can experience special programming, panels and content reveals from a wide variety of films, TV series and games, available in several languages, including Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.  From there, navigate deeper into the DC Multiverse, exploring five additional satellite worlds, each with its own localized content and unique activities and one world fully devoted to our younger fans:

DC WatchVerse : Here's where you grab a seat, sit back and join our virtual audience and become completely engrossed in hours of must-see content from around the world.  Everything from panels and exclusive screenings to never-before-seen footage, featuring cast, creators and behind-the-scenes crew from across DC Films, TV, Home Entertainment and Games.

DC YouVerse : Venture into this world where the FANS are the stars to see the most amazing user-generated content, cosplay and fan art from around the world, including, perhaps, your own.

DC KidsVerse : Need a way to entertain your kids for hours on end?  We’ve got you covered inside a special world, which can be accessed directly at DCKidsFanDome.com. This area features a broad range of family-friendly activations for our younger fans.

DC InsiderVerse : This creativity-based world contains a centerpiece video featuring legendary artist and DC CCO/Publisher Jim Lee, President of DC-Based Film Production Walter Hamada, and creator of the DC TV Arrowverse, Executive Producer Greg Berlanti, welcoming fans with a 101-style introduction to the DC Multiverse.  From there, go behind the scenes with the master artisans who bring DC to life in all its forms, from comic books to games, TV, movies, theme parks, consumer products and more.

DC FunVerse : Take your DC FanDome experience and gather cool shareables; check out our comic book reader; DIY cool WW84 Golden Armor and Batmobile kits; plus digital giveaways and a store filled with merchandise, including some limited-edition exclusives.

Fans will also get the chance to showcase their talent by submitting their own "DC Fan Art & Fandom displays" here .

There’s nothing more important to DC than our fans, and we want to showcase you!  In partnership with Talenthouse, DC FanDome today launched a call for your best DC Fan Art & Fandom displays.  Show us your cosplay, makeup, tattoos and even your own Batcave! Be sure to submit your best at create.DCFanDome.com for a chance to be featured inside this virtual world event, and demonstrate to people in your home country and across the globe that you are the ultimate DC Super Fan. Selected artists on the day of our event will be voted on by the community in each of our two competitions in order to help our judges pick selected artist winners.  Selected artist winners will receive part of a cash prize pool courtesy of DC and Talenthouse.*


Based on this press release, DC is pulling out all the stops to showcase the development of all of their current and upcoming properties. On the surface, the virtual convention could provide heart-stopping reveals while also giving a clear picture of what lies ahead for the future of the "DC Multiverse" that spans from CW's Arrowverse to the DCAU and to the DCEU.

In recent weeks, there have been a few teases revolving around the DC lore, which includes some revealing comments from The Flash producer , David Ayer's continued tease of his own Suicide Squad cut , and a slew of promo images for Wonder Woman 1984 . Due to the announcement of DC's online convention, there is a good chance that the noteworthy teases could eventually lead to official reveals and announcements from the event itself.

The good news for DC fans keeps on coming since DC FanDome is not the only virtual convention that hardcore fans will look forward to. Recently, a Zack Snyder-featured Justice Con event has been announced for next month, which could heavily focus on the famed Snyder Cut.

While the future of the DCEU is still unknown, the upcoming virtual convention should provide a definitive direction for the longstanding franchise. Whatever the case, many would agree that it's a good time to be a DC fan despite the current circumstances.