Harley Quinn Producer Comments on Season 3 Renewal

Animated Harley Quinn next to question mark
By Lauren Rouse

Warner Bros. has been going through a transitionary period with its DC titles since the launch of HBO Max. Content that once existed on the DC Universe streaming platform has been slowly migrating to HBO Max , and thanks to major job cuts , it looks like the DC Universe service is seeing the end of its days.

This has called into question the fate of DC Universe's original programming, including Titans, Doom Patrol, and Harley Quinn . While previous seasons of the shows have become available on HBO Max for streaming, new season orders are uncertain. Harley Quinn , the hit adult animated series, has come off the success of two seasons, but it's unsure whether a third will happen.


Executive producer of Harley Quinn Dean Lorey commented on Twitter that the team is waiting on confirmation from HBO Max about whether a season three will happen. He said that the Harley Quinn team would "love to make one [season three]" and that they're waiting on the green light from HBO Max.

The full tweet can be seen below:


As DC content moves to HBO Max it's likely the renewal process may change under new management. HBO Max has its own line of DC content in development for the platform, including Zack Snyder's Justice League and the Justice League Dark series from JJ Abrams. Whether this means the streaming platform wants to focus on its own original content or continue that from DC Universe is unknown at the moment.

It looks like the Harley Quinn team is all on board should a season three happen, and that they have direction for more potential stories. The series has done reasonably well with fans, giving Harley Quinn adult humor and violence that sets it apart from other animated DC series'. Harley Quinn is set to have a presence at DC FanDome next week with a cast panel and Q&A which might present an opportunity for a renewal announcement.


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