First Look at Harley Quinn's Child Revealed In New Season (Photos)

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Harley Quinn in Harley Quinn Season 4

A recent episode of Harley Quinn revealed that the titular character has a child (sort of).

In Season 4’s seventh episode, Harley is having a rough time. Quinn thinks she’s losing her mind, something she naturally wants to talk to her partner, Poison Ivy, about.

Sadly, the two are having some communication troubles. As usual, this leads to complications.

This time around, one thing leads to another, resulting in Harley and Poison Ivy traveling to a far-off future hoping Quinn can talk with an older version of her lover. Though, as usual when messing with the space-time continuum, reality has something different in store for them.

Harley Quinn Has a Child

In the seventh episode of Harley Quinn Season 4, the titular anti-hero travels to the year 2048 with her lover, Poison Ivy.

Instead of finding their older selves like they hoped, the pair end up in a post-apocalyptic future. One where Gotham City has become a police state ruled by an evil Damian Wayne, aka Robin.

To make matters worse, Harley and Ivy’s counterparts are both dead in this timeline. But, there’s someone directly connected to the duo that is very much alive: their child.

Harley Quinn, Neytiri

Turns out that Harley and Ivy somehow had a daughter in this timeline. The details about how it all happened are understandably left extremely vague.

Harley’s daughter is named Neytiri—the same name as the main character of Avatar. It’s later explained that she ended up naming herself since Neytiri was still unnamed by the time Kindergarten came around.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Neytiri

Neytiri is a striking image of both her mothers. She has that crazy, two-pony-tailed Harley look, and her skin is a lighter shade of green.

Harley’s daughter also happens to be the leader of the last surviving rebels against Robin’s tyrannical rule over Gotham City.

Harley Quinn, Neytiri

Sadly, after the group attempts to break into Robin’s hideout, Neytiri betrays her mothers, having made a deal for the two to be added to Damian’s collection.

Turns out, Harley Quinn’s daughter isn’t the biggest fan of her mothers. Not only did they always argue about everything, but, according to her, the duo even caused the apocalypse.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy

To make matters worse, she was raised by Sheryl, someone with a history of backstabbing those around her.

Thankfully, Baby King (one of King Shark’s surviving children) isn’t so jaded, and he’s able to free Harley and Ivy so that they can travel back in time.

Neytiri is left defeated, and her existence is theoretically erased—assuming Harley and Ivy successfully avoid letting the apocalypse go down.

Harley Quinn, Neytiri

What’s Next for Harley and Ivy’s Child Prospects?

One of the biggest questions about Harley’s child remains unanswered: How was a proper child, who was clearly a cross between Quinn and Ivy, even possible in the first place?

Obviously, the show probably has no interest in answering that right now, as its cheekiness perfectly fits the style and comedic vibe of the series.

Now that Harley has witnessed what a child with Ivy would be like, a future storyline for the series will almost certainly focus on that very idea. So, perhaps audiences will get an answer to how it’s all possible after all.

Hopefully, assuming the duo explore having a child in future episodes, the loveable duo will find a way for their child to turn out better than Neytiri did. Keeping her away from Sheryl would be a good first step.

Harley Quinn is now streaming on Max.

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