Drew Barrymore's Batman Character Just Made Her DC Return 28 Years Later (Photos)

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Drew Barrymore, Batman: Forever

28 years after Drew Barrymore's Sugar first appeared in Batman Forever, the niche character made a surprising return in the latest episode of Max's Harley Quinn.

For those that might not remember exactly who Sugar was, in the 1995 film, she was one of Two-Face's sidekicks—specifically that of the villain's good side.

Sugar would go on to work alongside both Tommy Lee Jones' Two-Face and Jim Carrey's Riddler in trying to take down Batman.

At the end of the film, when Riddler's lair explodes, both Sugar and Spice (her villainous compatriot) escape. Since then, neither of the two were seen again.

Drew Barrymore's Sugar Returns

Harley Quinn, Two Face, Sugar
DC Comics

In Harley Quinn's Season 4, Episode 6, "Metamorphosis", Drew Barrymore's character from Batman Forever, Sugar, makes a fun appearance.

As Quinn is looking to question Poison Ivy in the Legion of Doom's HQ, longtime Batman fans are treated to a fun little Easter egg: Two-Face's companions, Sugar and Spice, can be seen hanging next to the villain in the background.

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy
DC Comics

Drew Barrymore's fringe villain is probably not remembered by most, and her appearance is certainly unexpected.

Harley Quinn, Two Face, Sugar
DC Comics

Sadly, Barrymore doesn't actually return to lend her voice to the fleeting cameo.

Harley Quinn, Two Face, Sugar
DC Comics

While the actress isn't present, it's clear that these two characters next to Two-Face, including Debi Mazar's Spice, are meant to be the same duo as seen in Batman Forever 28 years ago.

Harley Quinn, Two Face, Sugar
DC Comics

Besides the film itself, Sugar also previously appeared in the novelization, comic adaptation, and video game for Batman Forever. Additionally, she made a similar brief cameo in a comic spin-off for the Batman: Arkham City game.

While Harley Quinn included Two-Face in the fun moment, Riddler, who worked alongside Sugar briefly in the 1995 film, was not present.

Harley Quinn, Two Face, Sugar
DC Comics

Harley Quinn's Just Having Some Fun

Obviously, the return of Sugar 28 years after the events of Batman Forever is nothing more than a joke. These types of gags are a specialty of Harley Quinn, a show that loves to make niche Batman references whenever it can.

It's a shame the show's creatives weren't able to get Drew Barrymore to actually offer her voice to any lines. Perhaps Sugar could reappear later in the season or in the future and give the character a bigger moment.

What would be really funny is if the show revealed Sugar was actually paramount to killing Nightwing. Fans probably would have never guessed that Barrymore's small role could amount to the death of a member of the Bat Family.

Harley Quinn is now streaming on Max.

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