Batman Forever Producer Teases Release of Darker Director's Cut

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Warner Bros. is working toward bringing the DC Extended Universe back into prominence with an impressive slate of films set to arrive in the next few years.

One of the preeminent characters that will be featured in this upcoming slate is Batman, who will even be played by three different actors within the same franchise. Robert Pattinson will take on the titular role of a younger Bruce Wayne in The Batman while both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton will play their own versions of the Caped Crusader in The Flash, with both films releasing next year.

As arguably DC's most popular heores through the years, nearly a dozen men have donned the cape and cowl of the Dark Knight in even more unique adaptations for the character. Somewhat forgotten in the mix is longtime Hollywood star Val Kilmer, who took over for Michael Keaton in 1995's Batman Forever.

Kilmer's outing as Batman is often regarded as one of the most disappointing movies for the DC hero for a number of reasons even outside the disastrous "Bat-nipple" debacle. However, a recent interview with one of the film's producers may give fans a renewed sense of hope for the film over a quarter-century later.


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In an interview during the virtual Austin Film Festival, Batman Forever producer Akiva Goldsman suggested that a director's cut of 1995's Batman Forever could be publicly released in the near future.

Goldman teased that there is a "renaissance" coming for Batman Forever, specifically mentioning that he's "recently" watched the "Preview Cut One."  The producer spoke of the film being "really dark" and diving into a "psychological exploration of guilt and shame" centered around Val Kilmer's Bruce Wayne:

And by the way, Batman Forever still has a renaissance coming, I really am interested to see whether the original cut of Batman Forever comes out. Because I got to see it recently, the very first one, which was referred to as Preview Cut One. And it was really dark, it was a pretty psychological exploration of guilt and shame.


Most of the last year was filled with ferocious discussion amongst DCEU fans over the existence and eventual release of the Snyder Cut, which came to life with Zack Snyder's Justice League on HBO Max in March 2021. Currently, there are no rumors that Batman Forever will receive the same treatment, but it's certainly intriguing knowing that this cut does exist somewhere.

Val Klimer's lone outing as Batman was met with tough reviews from critics and fans alike, even with world renowned actors Tommy Lee Jones and Jim Carrey as Two-Face and the Riddler respectively. The film brought somewhat exciting visuals for a project made in 1995, but ultimately had too many problems with the plot to be considered more than an average superhero story.

The cut teased by Goldsman with a much darker feel to it could very well be considered something better than what was brought to fans in 1995. It's tough to say whether this version would see the light of day, especially after director Joel Schumacher's passing last year, but anything should be thought of as possible after the Snyder Cut saga.

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