Harley Quinn Just Confirmed Who Killed Nightwing In Season 4

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Harley Quinn, Nightwing

Harley Quinn just revealed who killed Nightwing—and it’s not who anyone expected.

Earlier in Harley Quinn Season 4, which is already packed with characters, the animated series took a bold swing: Dick Grayson was killed. Not only that, but no one knows who did it.

One of the prime suspects was Poison Ivy since she does run the Legion of Doom. In a similar vein, it could have been any one of her subordinates as well. Another possible murderer would be the Joker himself, but he seems to have been ruled out already.

Turns out, it was none of those obvious picks. Instead, the answer was right in front of everyone the whole time.

Which Villain Killed Dick Grayson?

Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn's clone, Harley Quinn Season 4

Warning - The rest of this article contains spoilers for Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn just revealed the identity of Nightwing's murderer: Harley Quinn herself.

But before explaining the who and how, the show's ninth episode started by revealing to audiences that Harley isn't completely crazy—there is a doppelganger of herself roaming around. Turns out she's the product of a cloning incident thanks to a stray piece of Quinn's hair and Jim Gordon's baked potato, which ended up in a cloning machine he thought was a microwave.

Because of that, Harley Quinn's clone is 95% potato and 5% her. While the original Harley was messing with the time and space continuum, her spud alter ego was hard at work being a hero around Gotham City.

Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn Season 4

While one might think her potato clone could be the one who ended up killing Nightwing, the show went down a different path. Instead, it's the clone who informed the original Harley Quinn that she killed Dick Grayson while she was sleepwalking at the snowy cabin retreat. Quinn's repressed villain side is more fatal than anyone thought.

Nightwing, Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn Season 4

While the real Harley Quinn murdered Dick Grayson, she ended up throwing her potato twin under the bus by telling Barbara Gordon that her clone killed their former teammate.

What's the Next Step for Harley Quinn?

Harley Quinn in Harley Quinn Season 4

It’s worth noting that the real Harley Quinn got off easy for killing Nightwing. It is awfully convenient for her to be able to dump it all on her potato clone.

Whether she eventually tells the truth, it’s clear that her fatal sleepwalking, caused by her repressed villain side, is still a threat.

Hopefully, she doesn’t become a bad guy once again. That would feel like a backslide for the character and the unique place the series has taken Harley Quinn.

It’s hard to imagine Harley and Barbara’s friendship won’t be further affected by it all—especially if the truth about what Quinn did comes out.

With everything going on in the Bat Family’s life, such as Nightwing’s death and Batgirl being shot, it’s strange that the series still has not properly introduced Red Hood. Now seems like the perfect time for the resurrection of a Bat Family to be brought up.

Up until now, there’s only been one single Easter egg about him, and it was earlier in Season 4.

If the story brought in Red Hood, Damian Wayne could easily be looped back into the plot (sans his brief appearance in Episode 8’s apocalyptic timeline). While he certainly had the right idea about ditching Gotham City, his family’s Lazarus Pit could be pretty helpful right about now.

Harley Quinn is now streaming on Max.

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