Harley Quinn Season 4 Gets Release Window (Official)

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Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy

Harley Quinn Season 4 was just given a new official release window.

Kaley Cuoco's R-rated comedy has earned rave reviews in its three seasons on HBO Max

Since 2019, the super-powered animated series has earned quite a reputation for its biting satire on not just the comic book genre, but the entertainment industry as a whole. 

The show's fourth season was greenlit back in August 2022, with the series' creators offering teases towards some of the zany ideas they have for the upcoming new batch of episodes. 

Harley Quinn Season 4 Coming Soon

Harley Quinn Season 4
Warner Bros. 

According to Warner Bros. (WB), Harley Quinn Season 4 is arriving much sooner than expected on the newly-launched Max streaming service.

In a new press release from WB previewing the studio's upcoming adult animation slate, it was noted that Harley Quinn would return "return for its fourth season this summer."

The R-rated animated series was last seen with its Very Problematic Valentine's Day Special, which was released earlier this year. 

What To Expect in Harley Quinn Season 4

After the emotional revelation in the Harley Quinn Season 3 finale, with Ivy taking a step back and Harley realizing she wants to help people instead of hurt them, the storytelling potential for Season 4 is at an all-time high. 

On the plot front, the relationship between Harley and Ivy will surely continue to be at the center of the series. The two showed maturity to close out Season 3, agreeing that, despite Harley's newfound sense of heroism and Ivy's continued desire to do bad, they can still love each other in lieu of their differences. 

Elsewhere in the series, surely - with this being the first season to debut under the James Gunn-Peter Safran regime at DC - there will be some had at the expense of either of the two new executives or Warner Bros. as a whole. 

This could also be a season filled with even more world-building. Last season saw the set up of the first full-fledged Harley Quinn spin-off - a new standalone Kite Man show.

So could more bricks be laid in Season 4 to do further groundwork for that series? Or could another character take the spotlight before they get a solo series of their own? 

Harley Quinn Season 4 comes to Max later this summer. 

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