Warner Bros. Just Changed the Title of Harley Quinn's TV Spin-off Show

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Warner Bros Harley Quinn

Warner Bros. officially gave Noonan's, the upcoming Harley Quinn animated spin-off series, a different title ahead of its debut on Max.

The first three seasons of Harley Quinn became such a success that Warner Bros Discovery (WBD) greenlit a spin-off highlighting more of that universe’s villains from classic DC lore.

The series will have Kite Man as the headliner, who served as Poison Ivy’s on-again-off-again love interest before she dove further into her relationship with Harley Quinn, inciting a new round of mayhem.

Additionally, the show already received a series order for ten full episodes in its early development stages, proving that WBD has a great deal of faith in this new expansion to Harley and Ivy’s animated harlequinade exploits.

Harley Quinn Spin-Off Gets New Title

Kite-Man in Harley Quinn show

An official press listing from Warner Bros. Discovery revealed a name change for the upcoming Harley Quinn spin-off former known as Noonan's, featuring the fan-favorite supporting character Kite Man.

The series will now use the title Kite Man: Hell Yeah!, highlighting the central villain even further as he teams up with iconic DC rogues like Bane and Lex Luthor.

Noonan's paid homage to the bar in which Harley Quinn and her crew were seen on numerous occasions during the series' first three seasons.

How Will Harley Quinn Spin-Off Add to DC Lore?

Considering the insanity that Harley Quinn brings with each new episode, and especially when looking at Kite Man's place in that world, this title seems to be a perfect fit.

With appearances in over half of Harley Quinn's episodes thus far, he proved that he could be the focus of his own story after handling the firestorm that was his relationship with Poison Ivy before he called off their wedding in Season 2.

Centering on his time running the Noonan's bar should open the door for plenty of other shenanigans, which could lead to the possibility for even more A-list cameos after seeing DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn and Ted Lasso star Brett Goldstein in Harley Quinn.

As for the title itself, Kite Man: Hell Yeah! feels like a show that would naturally come out of the Harley Quinn world, with Kite Man being unapologetically enthusiastic about whatever life throws at him.

And with Kite Man potentially in line for a return in Harley Quinn Season 4, which will release in the next few months, those new episodes could further set up the character's journey in his own solo spin-off.

Kite Man: Hell Yeah! doesn't have a release date set yet for Max.

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