Harley Quinn Season 5 Gets Official Release Window

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Harley Quinn fans finally have an official release window for Season 5, which will be on Max sooner than initially expected.

Season 4 of Kaley Cuoco's hit animated series last ran on Max in September 2023, bringing dozens of classic characters from DC Comics lore into play behind the iconic antihero.

The series was officially renewed for Season 5 in November (via Variety), but updates on the new season's release window have been sparse in the months since.

Harley Quinn's Official Season 5 Release Window

Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn in Season 4 of Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

A recent press release from Corus Entertainment provided fans with an update on when Harley Quinn Season 5 will debut.

The Canadian media company confirmed that a "new season" of Harley Quinn will be released on Adult Swim Canada in 2024.

The Direct confirmed with a Corus representative that this "new season" is, in fact, Season 5, marking the show's return for the first time since Season 4's finale in September 2023.

It's expected that, in the U.S., Harley Quinn Season 5 will be released on Max during this 2024 premiere window.

When Will Harley Quinn Season 5 Begin Streaming on Max?

Past seasons of Harley Quinn have been fairly varied in their release timelines. Season 1 came in late November 2019, Season 2 hit Max in April 2020, and Seasons 3 and 4 had July releases in 2022 and 2023, respectively.

Season 5 does not seem to have been affected by 2023's actors' and writers' strikes after Season 4 made its entire run during both work stoppages.

While the last two seasons premiered in July of their respective release years, a July release for Season 5 would be predicated on when the expected promotional tour begins.

Since that promotional tour has not started yet, the absolute earliest fans can currently expect Season 5 to hit Max would be this Fall. 

More than likely, it will be held back until either Fall 2024 or late 2024, with new episodes hitting the streaming service a few weeks or a couple of months after the first trailer is released.

Harley Quinn Season 5 will debut on Max sometime in 2024.

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