New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Shows Fresh Footage of Chris Pine With Gal Gadot

Young Diana on left, Gal Gadot in middle, Wonder Woman on right
By Pierre Chanliau

Wonder Woman 1984 has had a miserable and turbulent release schedule . Originally intended to release a year ago, the movie was delayed several times until it was finally moved to December 25, 2020 . Anticipating that Wonder Woman 1984 may not make this new release date either, Warner Bros. considered biting the bullet and releasing it on HBO Max.

Warner Bros. finally gave in this week and announced that Wonder Woman 1984 would still release on December 25, 2020, in theaters, but that it would also release concurrently on HBO Max . Even Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins expressed their relief that Wonder Woman 1984 would finally be released in theaters, but with HBO Max as a safer option for audiences.

As for international audiences, the movie will release in theaters on December 16, which hasn't dissuaded marketing from making another international trailer with brand new footage.


A new international trailer for Wonder Woman 1984 has released with new footage showing more locations like Russia, shoots of Cheetah, and flashbacks to Diana as a child. A shot of Chris Pine's Steve Trevor sharing an intimate moment with Gal Gadot's Diana Prince is also included.


There is a surprising amount of new footage in this international trailer, especially after so many trailers have already been released at this point. It seems like Warner Bros. is really determined to finally release Wonder Woman 1984 and grab audiences' attention with new footage to make sure they know this flick is hitting screens.

Most of the new footage here focused on the flashback sequences of Diana as a child and the Amazon Olympics . This setting certainly seems like it will have a thematic throughline in the movie, likely relating to whatever development Wonder Woman goes through when facing Cheetah and reconciling with Steve Trevor's death.