The DC Extended Universe is currently working toward a big year in 2021 while also dealing with an alarmingly high amount of controversies throughout the superhero franchise and its parent company, Warner Media. Much of this traces back to Warner Bros. Head of Films Walter Hamada, who was accused by Cyborg star Ray Fisher of ignoring reported abuse from Joss Whedon on the set of Justice League .

Fisher was reportedly recently removed from the cast of 2022's The Flash , although no reasons were given for why this decision was made.

Now, even more news has come straight from Fisher himself on this increasingly uncomfortable matter.


In a new stream of releases on Twitter, Cyborg star Ray Fisher revealed that he hasn't actually stepped down from the role of Cyborg in 2022's The Flash . He urged The Wrap, the outlet that recently reported his departure, to update their report immediately and posted the following message:

Fisher feels that removing him from the movie is just a way from Warner Bros. to avoid the public backlash of recasting the role:

Fisher believes that the movie studio has continually tried to bury both him and the story of Joss Whedon's abuse, along with the abuse of WB Head of Films Walter Hamada, and regain control of the narrative:

Fisher says he holds Hamada personally responsible for Whedon and former DC Films CCO Geoff Johns' potentially continued abuse:

Fisher is still in contact with Warner Bros. through this unfortunate situation, and he fully intends to see it all the way through, whether he is in future movies or not:


Ray Fisher's behind-the-scenes story in the DCEU seems to gain a new layer of intrigue and confusion with every new report that details the saga.

Through the controversy with Walter Hamada , Ray Fisher publicly stated that he would never work on another DC film as long as Hamada was in charge. This latest release on Twitter seems to indicate that he is still involved with The Flash as Cyborg, but it is clearly still an ongoing battle between him and Warner Bros. over their relationship.

Neither Fisher nor Warner Bros. have officially stated that Fisher is no longer involved with the franchise as Cyborg, but the actor also hasn't backed down on the claims of the abuse he endured from director Joss Whedon during the production of Justice League . The story remains unclear as to the details of what is actually happening going forward, and it will be interesting to see how long it takes for any clarity to come surrounding these issues.