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The Direct Podcast: MCU Costume Draft, The Mandalorian Chapter 10 Review (Episode 6)

Direct Podcast Episode 6

What a week it has been. How are you feeling? If you do happen to be looking for a mental vacation, come listen to us talk about our favorite MCU costumes and break down the latest episode of The Mandalorian. 

Where is this story going? Are we digging these monsters? Why is Baby Yoda so hungry? We dive into everything that "Chapter 10" had to offer and give our thoughts on what is to come. 

We also get into #DirectDraft, where we have our fellow writer Tom Drew to help us draft the best MCU costumes throughout the years. We want to hear from YOU! Who you think has the best team? Who did we miss? Tweet us using the hashtag #DirectDraft and give us your team of three MCU suits and one wildcard.

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2:38 - Sizzle Reel/Top Stories

5:06 - WandaVision? 2020? Release? Please?

7:34 - Eternals leaks discussion

11:46 - Mando Ch.10 Review

36:05 - #DirectDraft of MCU Costumes

1:28:48 - Weekly Recommendations