Untitled 2025 Star Wars Film (2025)

Did Disney Fire Star Wars' Rey Movie Director? New Rumors Explained

New claims suggest Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy, the director of the Rey Star Wars movie, was fired. Here is where those rumors came from and if they're true.

By Savannah Sanders -

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May 22, 2026
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Taika Waititi Star Wars Movie
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Latest Untitled 2025 Star Wars Film News

Daisy Ridley's Upcoming Star Wars Movie Gets Exciting Development Update

A new report has revealed Lucasfilm's progress on Daisy Ridley's Star Wars movie.

By Savannah Sanders -

Star Wars: 3 Upcoming Movies & Shows Now at Risk of Getting Delayed

A wave of delays may impact the galaxy far, far away due to the ongoing Hollywood strikes.

By David Thompson -

Star Wars' Next Movie Will Include Major Luke Skywalker Connection, Confirms Producer

Kathleen Kennedy confirmed Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's Star Wars movie is tied to Luke Skywalker. What exactly did she say?

By Savannah Sanders -

Star Wars: Lucasfilm Debunks Daisy Ridley Rumor That Had Fans Excited

Wait, is that synopsis about Daisy Ridley's next Star Wars movie real? Lucasfilm responded to the rumor.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Star Wars Actor Celebrates Mark Hamill's 2025 Movie Return Report

The Mandalorian star Ming-Na Wen congratulated Mark Hamill on his return to Star Wars.

By Richard Nebens -

2025 Star Wars Movie: Lucasfilm Confirms Luke Skywalker's Impact on Next Film

Despite being dead, Luke Skywalker will still play a role in the next Star Wars movie.

By Klein Felt -

Star Wars' 2025 Movie Nearly Replaced Daisy Ridley's Rey with Older Actress (Report)

An older actress nearly played Daisy Ridley's Rey in Star Wars' upcoming 2025 film.

By Savannah Sanders -

Star Wars' Upcoming Movie Release Order Plan Revealed (Report)

The release order of the three upcoming Star Wars films was seemingly revealed.

By Nathan Johnson -

John Boyega Rumored to Make Star Wars Comeback In 2025 Movie

A new rumor has claimed that John Boyega is returning to Star Wars in 2025.

By Savannah Sanders -

Star Wars' Next Movie Gets Possible Title Announcement Update

An update on when the next Star Wars movie will be announced has been revealed.

By Savannah Sanders -

Star Wars' Next Movie Suffers Major Setback (Report)

Lucasfilm just lost both of the writers on its next Star Wars movie.

By Richard Nebens -

Star Wars' Next Movie Reportedly Revealed

According to a new report, Lucasfilm decided that the next Star Wars movie is Damon Lindelof's.

By Savannah Sanders -

Lucasfilm Cancels 2 Upcoming Star Wars Movies (Report)

Two in-development Star Wars films have been scrapped by Lucasfilm.

By Russ Milheim -

Star Wars Needs to Learn 3 Things From Marvel's Comic-Con Triumphs

Three key takeaways Star Wars needs to follow from the MCU's Comic-Con presentation to improve the future of the franchise.

By Andrew Gilman -

8 Star Wars Celebration Panels That Might Have Been

As Celebration's planned weekend approaches, we take a look at what fans may have been in store for at the cancelled event.

By Andrew Gilman -

Star Wars Reportedly Hires Watchmen Creator for New Movie

A new rumor suggests Damon Lindelof has been tapped to write a new Star Wars film.

By Andrew Gilman -

Star Wars Confirms Return to Sequel Trilogy Era In Future Movies

The future of Star Wars' films will cover the time period closer to the sequel era, and potentially afterward those events as well.

By Russ Milheim -

Obi-Wan Kenobi Show: 10 Star Wars Characters & Villains That Could Appear in the Disney+ Series

10 of the most probable characters and villains to show up in the Ewan McGregor's Obi-Wan Kenobi series, including Anakin Skywalker, Qui-Gon Jinn, and much more...

By Jack Pues -

Star Wars: 5 Story Concepts that Upcoming Movies & Shows Can Adapt

The Direct breaks down five different Star Wars subjects that are long overdue for deeper exploration and that Lucasfilm should explore in their future slate of projects.

By Jack Pues -

3 Star Wars Movies Receive Release Date Delays

The forthcoming Star Wars theatrical films have each been delayed by a year.

By Andrew Gilman -

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