John Boyega Rumored to Make Star Wars Comeback In 2025 Movie

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John Boyega Star Wars

A new rumor points towards John Boyega reprising his Star Wars role as Finn in a future project.

For many fans, this news comes as a surprise, especially since the actor has been openly critical of how Lucasfilm handled his character in recent years.

However, new buzz suggests that Daisy Ridley isn't the only Star Wars sequel trilogy star Lucasfilm wants for its future film. 

John Boyega Returning to Star Wars?

John Boyega as Finn
Star Wars

On The Hot Mic podcast, John Rocha revealed that "a couple of different sources" claim "John Boyega will be coming back" for Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's 2025 Star Wars film

This means Boyega's reformed stormtrooper will be sharing the screen once more with Daisy Ridley's Rey.

But in this film, Rey is building a new Jedi order 15 years after the events of The Rise of Skywalker.  

As for why John Boyega is now open to returning, two of Rocha's trusted sources explained that the actor and Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy reportedly "buried the hatchet," allowing for new negotiations.

Whether this conversation is what the actor referenced back in 2022, or a more recent conversation, is unknown. 

John Boyega Truly Is a "Big Deal"

Lucasfilm's interest in bringing Boyega back on board makes sense. 

Despite how the sequel films relegated Finn's story, he remained a favorite amongst fans and is considered one of the trilogy's biggest missed opportunities. 

His role in Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy's (potentially?) 2025 film would be a way for Star Wars to make things right for the character, John Boyega, and Star Wars fans. 

Plus, there's the fact that Finn is Force-sensitive. It's supposedly what he wanted to tell Rey all throughout the 2019 film.

If that is the case, with Rey now rebuilding the order, Finn is sure to be part of that, meaning fans may finally see the former FN-2187 as a fully-fledged Jedi

As for Boyega, he can return to the franchise knowing he brought attention to a Lucasfilm misstep while also getting a second chance to further explore his character. 

It truly is a win for everyone involved. The question now, if the rumor is true, is when Lucasfilm will make it official and whether Star Wars is calling Poe Dameron's Oscar Isaac too.  

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