Daisy Ridley's Upcoming Star Wars Movie Gets Exciting Development Update

By Savannah Sanders Posted:
Daisy Ridley as Rey in Star Wars

According to new reports, the Force is strong with development for Daisy Ridley's next Star Wars film. 

Lucasfilm officially announced the sequel trilogy star's return at Star Wars Celebration 2023, as well as details concerning Rey Skywalker's efforts "to rebuild the Jedi Order" 15 years after The Rise of Skywalker

While this "New Jedi Order" movie was one of the three revealed at Celebration, fans expected Rey's new chapter to be the first to debut in theaters; and despite the current state of the industry, that's still a real possibility. 

New Update For Daisy Ridley's Star Wars Movie

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Star Wars

According to a new report, the final draft for Daisy Ridley's Star Wars movie not only has an expected due date but also a potential title. 

Following Damon Lindeloff's departure from the Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy-directed film, Lucasfilm tapped Steven Knight to pen the script, whose draft was originally expected to be turned in by May 2023. 

While that never happened due to the WGA strike, claims now suggest Knight's draft now has a late October or Thanksgiving due date, allowing Lucasfilm time to read and give notes before the end of the year. 

In addition, while fans have referred to the film as the "New Jedi Order" movie, "A New Beginning" has been floated as a possible title. 

However, it's important to note that a title hasn't been decided upon and that "A New Beginning" may only be a shortlist contender. 

Will Daisy Ridley's Next Star Movie Avoid Delays?

While originally expected (but not confirmed) to arrive in theaters in December 2025, Disney and Lucasfilm delayed the post-sequel trilogy tale to May 22, 2026. 

However, in light of its ongoing process (and if the SAG-AFTRA strike is resolved in the near future), there's a real chance Chinoy and Ridley's movie could make its May 2026 slot. 

It's likely that Lucasfilm wants to hold on to this date, especially since nearly four years have passed since a Star Wars movie was in theaters, and by 2026 it will be more than seven. 

But even if the SAG-AFTRA strike ends tomorrow, there's another hurdle Star Wars's next movie may face in Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which is currently slated to debut May 1, 2026. 

No doubt Disney and Lucasfilm remember Solo: A Star Wars Story's box office struggles against Avengers: Infinity War, and it's a mistake they're unlikely to repeat.

Given the number of variables facing the industry, Lucasfilm, and Marvel Studios, it's tough to predict when fans will be able to see this film. 

However, this new development update means progress is ongoing for Rey's return to that galaxy far, far away; and when Lucasfilm is able to greenlight production, the story will be ready as well. 

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