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Venom 2 Director Teases Spider-Man & Sinister Six Crossover Potential

Spider-Man Venom Sinister Six
By Pierre Chanliau

It's inevitable that Tom Holland's Spider-Man and Tom Hardy's Venom will meet eventually, but how soon is the question. Venom: Let There Be Carnage director Andy Serkis bluntly stated that "of course" the two will bump heads, but that depends on whether Sony wants to rush their encounter.

Serkis said that introducing Spider-Man into Venom's world too soon could deprive the anti-hero of his own stories. However, from the sounds of the post-credit scene for Venom: Let There be Carnage, it seems like Sony Pictures may be teasing the involvement of Spider-Man in Eddie Brock's corner of the universe.

One wrinkle is that, as it stands in Sony's Venom films, the character is strictly an anti-hero that wouldn't have any reason to be antagonistic towards the teenage hero.

Nevertheless, Serkis took the time to address this possibility again during a recent interview promoting the film. 

More to “Unpack” for Venom Before Hating Spider-Man

Spider-Man Villains

In an interview with Emmy-winning news reporter, Jake Hamilton, director Andy Serkis was asked about Venom possibly having an antagonistic relationship with Spider-Man or joining the Sinister Six, despite being portrayed as an anti-hero throughout Venom and, presumably, its sequel.

Serkis said that "we've purposefully not focused on [that] right now" and that "there's more still to unpack" before Venom and Spider-Man meet:

"All those questions are ones which we've purposefully not focused on right now. I kinda don't wanna give any sort of fake hope or false information about things that might be happening in the future. Obviously, at some point, those worlds are going to collide big time—they are—if we are so lucky as to make more Venom movies, depending on this one. So, let's see what happens on this one first, but I do think there's more still to unpack in the Venomverse before we go there."

Why Should Eddie or Venom Hate Spider-Man?

This is an excellent question to ask. After all, in the comics, in the beginning, Eddie Brock hated Peter Parker with a passion and used the symbiote to try and ruin his life. However, in Venom, Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock is a relatively good person that doesn't come off as vindictive.

It could be as simple as a disagreement of ethics since Venom routinely bites criminals' heads off. However, many of Parker's superhero colleagues, including Iron Man, had no issue with killing. So, it'll be interesting to see how Sony Pictures will eventually pin these two against one another in a future sequel.

Venom joining any iteration of the Sinister Six does sound a lot more far-fetched unless a lot happens to Brock that results in him wanting to kill Peter Parker for whatever reason. 

Fans will see where Eddie Brock ends up when they see Venom: Let There be Carnage in theaters on October 1, 2021.

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