Spider-Man 2 PS5: All 19 Main Characters Who Appear In the Game

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Spider-Man 2 Miles Morales, Taskmaster, Black Cat, Kraven, Norman Osborn

Marvel's Spider-Man 2, is finally out on PlayStation 5, featuring nearly two dozen iconic characters from Spider-Man lore.

Insomniac Games has followed up on its success from 2018's Marvel's Spider-Man and its 2020 Miles Morales spin-off on the PS5, as Spider-Man 2 continues the web-slinger's story in epic fashion.

After Peter Parker's battle with Dr. Octopus and Miles' duel with Simon Kreiger, the two join forces to take down a whole new slew of villains, all while dealing with their own inner demons along the way.

1.) Peter Parker/Spider-Man -Yuri Lowenthal

Yuri Lowenthal, Peter Parker
Yuri Lowenthal

Complete with the new facial design first seen in Miles Morales, Yuri Lowenthal is back in tow as the PS5's Spider-Man, Peter Parker. This time around, the young web-slinger has several challenges to tackle, including keeping his family home after Aunt May's death.

More pressing is the fact that his suit has been infected with the Venom symbiote, winding up with a new black suit and darker attitude. This results in a much more aggressive Peter than fans have seen in this universe who is no easy task to deal with as he tries to fight the darkness inside him.

2.) Miles Morales/Spider-Man -Nadji Jeter

Nadji Jeter, Miles Morales
Nadji Jeter

Following his own solo efforts in the Miles Morales PS5 game, Nadji Jeter's young hero looks to further cement his place in New York City as the newest friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Getting a fresh new set of threads to wear as he swings across the Big Apple, Miles takes on a co-leading role in Spider-Man 2 alongside his mentor.

With the hero still being young, he has gotten quite a drastic age-up, sporting a new hairdo and a new outlook on life, as he prepares to apply to college. Miles shows off a handful of new Spidey powers for the Harlem hero as players get to unleash new kinds of damage on all sorts of bad guys in Miles' path.

3.) Mary Jane Watson - Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey, Mary Jane Watson
Laura Bailey

After being promoted to Associate Editor at the Daily Bugle in Marvel's Spider-Man, Mary-Jane (MJ) Watson is back at Peter Parker's side with Laura Bailey returning to the role. She was last heard from in the Miles Morales spin-off, leaving New York City to visit Silver Sable's home country, Symkaria.

MJ is back in the USA for Spider-Man 2, working as an investigative reporter and published author as she rekindles her relationship with Peter. Fans get to play as MJ for a couple of side missions similar to the first game, wither her helping investigate the arrival of Kraven in New York.

4.) Sergei Kravinoff/Kraven the Hunter - Jim Pirri

Jim Pirri, Kraven the Hunter
Jim Pirri

Taking a spot as one of the two big villains in Spider-Man 2 is Jim Pirri as Sergei Kravinoff, better known to Spider-Man fans as Kraven the Hunter. First shown in the game's initial trailer six months before the story starts, Kraven is seen investigating where to begin his next hunt, settling on Manhattan and its countless powered people.

While looking for the ultimate hunt, Kraven is brought to New York City to take on Spidey and his rogues' gallery. However, something else draws his gaze after seeing the Symbtioe in action. 

5.) Venom - Tony Todd

Tony Todd, Venom
Tony Todd

Opposite Kraven on the villain side is a new version of Venom, played by voice-acting star Tony Todd. Teased in the final moments of the game's first trailer from September 2021, Venom adds a new layer of drama into Peter and Miles' lives as he wreaks havoc across New York.

After mysteriously emerging in New York City, Peter obtains the symbiote; however, after seeing just how dangerous the mysterious substance is, knows he and Miles have to destroy it. Once Venom evolves into his final form, he is a powerful force for the wall-crawlers to take down as he wreaks havoc in NYC.

6.) Harry Osborn - Graham Phillips

Graham Phillips, Harry Osborn
Graham Phillips

Replacing Scott Porter in Marvel's Spider-Man, Graham Phillips takes over the role of Harry Osborn, Peter Parker's best friend, in Spider-Man 2.

After being completely incapacitated thanks to a degenerative disease during the first game, Harry is miraculously up and walking again as he and Peter Parker revive their friendship in this story. Some theories also point to him being the human host for the Venom symbiote, potentially pitting him and Peter against one another before long.

7.) Norman Osborn - Mark Rolston

Mark Rolston, Norman Osborn
Mark Rolston

Norman Osborn held a position as the Mayor of New York in the first Spider-Man game, eventually resigning after the Devil's Breath crisis and slinking away from the public eye to take care of Harry.

At the end of the Miles Morales game, Osborn is seen angrily pushing for Harry to be released from the container in which he was kept for recovery, setting up even darker moments for both of them in the sequel, as he has done everything he can to cure his boy. 

8.) Ganke Lee - Griffin Puatu

Griffin Puatu, Ganke Lee
Griffin Puatu

First introduced in Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Ganke Lee is Miles Morales' best friend, tech guru, and "guy in the chair" who helps Miles through his regular and superhero lives.

Griffin Puatu returns to play the role in Spider-Man 2 as he meets Team Peter Parker for the first time, gaining even more new insight into the dangers and excitement that come from having a web-slinger for a best friend.

9.) J. Jonah Jameson - Darin De Paul

Darin De Paul, J. Jonah Jameson
Darin De Paul

Darin De Paul brought angry and abrasive energy to former Daily Bugle Editor-in-Chief J. Jonah Jameson, who started a podcast called Just The Facts to share his vitriol for Spider-Man regularly.

Seen in person for a split second at the start of the Miles Morales game, Jameson played a smaller role in that spin-off, still making enemies as he waged his war against the web-slingers before continuing to do the same in Spider-Man 2 as MJ's boss at the Bugle.

10.) Rio Morales - Jacqueline Piñol

Jacqueline Piñol, Rio Morales
Jacqueline Piñol

Jacqueline Piñol plays a central role in all three games as Miles Morales' mother, Rio Morales, who takes on the immense challenge of raising Miles as a single mom after her husband Jefferson Davis was killed by the Demons in Marvel's Spider-Man.

She later runs for city council before winning the election, doing everything in her power to help Harlem become a better place while also learning how to come to terms with Miles being a superhero.

11.) Martin Li/Mister Negative -Stephen Oyoung

Stephen Oyoung, Martin Li, Mr. Negative
Stephen Oyoung

Martin Li served as the benefactor of FEAST in the first game before revealing himself to be the supervillain Mr. Negative, with Peter eventually defeating him on the path toward Doc Ock.

Li does return in Spider-Man 2, as Miles Morales has to come to terms with the man who killed his father still being out there.

12.) Yuri Watanabe/Wraith - Tara Platt

Tara Platt, Yuri Watanabe
Tara Platt

Tara Platt's Yuri Watanabe served as a police captain in the NYPD throughout the first game, although the added DLC put her on a much darker path. She winds up lashing out against crime boss Hammerhead and leaves the force altogether.

Going on the run after the first game, Yuri returns as a vigilante herself in this new adventure under the moniker of "Wraith." Pete meets her as she is hunting down a mysterious cult-like organization that has set up shop in the Big Apple.

13.) Felicia Hardy/ Black Cat - Erica Lindbeck

Erica Lindbeck, Felicia Hardy, Black Cat
Erica Lindbeck

Only playing a supporting role in the main game during the first Spider-Man, Felicia Hardy was a central player in the three DLC stories that came after the initial game's release. She even faked her death after duping Peter into getting her the entire wealth of the Maggia crime families, but she wound up revealing herself again after Hammerhead turned into a full-blown machine.

She is back in Spider-Man 2 to give Peter (and this time, Miles) trouble, which is only exacerbated by the fact that Pete and Felicia previously dated. Not playing as a straight villain to the Spider-Men, Black Cat causes the wall-crawlers plenty of headaches walking the line between Robin Hood-like vigilante and full-on cat burglar.

14.) Aaron Davis/Prowler - Ike Amadi

Ike Amadi, Aaron Davis, Prowler
Ike Amadi

Miles Morales' uncle, Aaron Davis, first came into the picture during the Miles Morales game as he quickly figured out that his nephew was the new Spider-Man in town. 

The two would eventually team up with one another as Davis assumed his comic alter-ego, the Prowler. Spider-Man 2 finds Uncle Aaron on the straight and narrow as a reformed vigilante trying to teach his super-power nephew a few things on the way to full-blown super-herodom.

15.) Tombstone - Corey Jones

Tombstone, Marvel's Spider-Man
Insomniac Games

Tombstone will once again be utilized as a side villain with Corey Jones playing the role yet again. The drug trafficker/biker gang leader will be back in play with his nearly unbreakable skin and fury only matched by a few in the comic universe.

Having worked closely with Martin Li in the last game, Lonnie Lincoln finds himself living his life as a (potentially) reformed villain in Spider-Man 2.

16.) Shocker -Michael Beattie

Michael Beattie, Shocker
Michael Beattie

Eventually joining Spider-Man's Sinister Six that took the spotlight against Peter Parker, Shocker was a consistent presence throughout the first game before Spidey eventually took him down in a battle with the Vulture.

He is currently locked away in the Raft, along with several other big bads from the first game.

17.) Curt Connors/Lizard - Mark Whitten

Curt Connors, Lizard, Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Insomniac Games

First introduced at the end of the Miles Morales game, Curt Connors was forced to let Harry Osborn out of his glass cage before he eventually turns into his comic book villain alter-ego, the Lizard.

Peter has previously taken on Conner's scaly alter-ego, with Spider-Man 2 picking up with the scientist having left his Lizard days behind (at least for now).

18.) Flint Marko/Sandman -Leandro Cano

Sandman in PlayStation 5's Spider-Man 2
Insomniac Games

Included in a last-minute piece of marketing for the super-powered sequel was Leandro Cano's Flint Marko/Sandman. 

The particulate-based big bad is seen swallowing up entire city blocks with his sand in Spider-Man 2 as the pair of Spider-Men try to stop Flint from turning Madison Avenue into his own personal beach. 

19.) Quentin Beck/Mysterio

The Direct Image
Insomniac Games

First teased in September 2023's gameplay breakdown for the title, Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio). 

The iconic supervillain and special effects artist joins Spider-Man 2 by promoting some new immersive theme park-style experiences that may have more nefarious purposes. 

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games is available on PS5 now.

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