Spider-Man 2 PS5: First Footage of Venom Vs. Peter & Miles Released

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After years of waiting, fans have their first look at Venom taking on Peter Parker and Miles Morales in PlayStation's Spider-Man 2

Coming off the success of Marvel's Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Insomniac Entertainment is back for another web-slinging adventure by bringing the studio's first full-fledged Marvel sequel.  

However, this time around, gamers will get the chance to take control of two webheads, playing as both Peter and Miles as the pair of wall-crawlers go up against the cunning Kraven the Hunter and Venom

In the lead-up to the game's October release, fans have gotten to see various glimpses at the game (and hear about it via recently released previews); but  in none of that coverage have New York's friendly neighborhood heroes come face-to-face with Marvel's sharp-toothed alien symbiote.

Peter and Miles vs. Venom Footage Revealed

Peter Miles Venom Fight Spider-Man 2

A newly released international promo for Marvel's Spider-Man 2 revealed the first footage of Miles Morales and Peter Parker fighting the villainous Venom. 

Peter fighting Venom Spider-Man 2

The Brazillian teaser features fully CG footage (with no actual gameplay shown) and shows off both Miles and Peter as they suit up to take on the hulking symbiote.

Peter Parker Marvel's Spider-Man 2

The pair of wall-crawlers can be seen getting thrown around by Tony Todd's big bad before the two of them unleash their unique abilities to fight back. 

Venom throwing Peter Parker Spider-Man 2

These bespoke powers look to be the Iron Spider Arms for Peter (which look to be a big part of Pete's powerset in the sequel) and Miles' electric-based Venom Charge (seen in his Insomniac-developed spin-off). 

Miles Venom Charge Spider-Man 2

Fans previously got a brief glimpse of Spider-Man 2's heroic duo taking on Venom via a statue that comes with the deluxe edition of the game, but this is the first time the conflict has been seen in motion. 

The full teaser can be seen below:

Who Is Venom in Spider-Man 2?

One of the biggest mysteries surrounding Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is who exactly is under the suit in the game's take on Venom. 

While, in most cases, Marvel Comics character Eddie Brock becomes Venom, it does not look like that will be the case for Insomniac's Marvel universe. So, who could take on that role this time?

Harry Osborn

The most likely candidate is Harry Osborn. Harry was absent from the first game for the most part, with all signs having pointed to him on a trip across Europe.

However, by the end of that 2018 adventure, it was revealed Harry was, in fact, in New York and was incredibly sick - so much so that he was being kept in a tank housed in his father Norman's Manhattan apartment and was being treated by the symbiote. 

Harry is set to be a big part of Spider-Man 2 (sporting a new design nonetheless), and given his connection to the symbiote in this universe already, that puts him as the leading candidate to turn into Venom. 

Kraven The Hunter

Just because Harry is most likely Venom, another theory is that Kraven the Hunter may be under the symbiote in the Insomniac sequel. 

The character was one of the first teased to be in the game, with a trailer from May 2023, confirming he would be one of the primary antagonists on this web-slinging adventure. 

Some have speculated that as Kraven goes about his hunt across New York City, he comes into contact with the symbiote, using it to become an even better hunter than he already is. 

Peter Parker

The wildest theory out there, but something that could potentially happen is Peter Parker is actually Spider-Man 2's Venom. 

The Spidey sequel is already confirmed to be tackling Peter's Symbiote Suit storyline. And Spider-Man actor Yuri Lowenthal has teased the PS5 game will see his wall-crawler dealing with an "addiction" of sorts to the symbiote. 

So, to personify this addiction overcoming the hero character going full-Venom could make sense and be an interesting twist on the Marvel mythos.

Yes, Insomniac and PlayStation have released plenty of material disproving this theory. But what better way to draw fans off the scent of a major reveal like this, than doing everything one can to make it seem like it would never happen?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 releases for PlayStation 5 on Friday, October 20. 

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