Is Venom 3: Along Came a Spider Movie Real or Fake? Speculation Explained

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It's time to look at the speculation surrounding a potential Venom sequel titled Venom: Along Came a Spider and whether the film is real or fake.

Sony Pictures is set to have its biggest year yet for Sony's Spider-Man Universe in 2024, making Venom 3 the final of three movies in the franchise to debut in theaters.

Initially greenlit for production in April 2022, fans eagerly await more news on the conclusion to Sony's first Spider-Man-adjacent trilogy, including is eventual title.

Is Venom: Along Came a Spider Real or Fake?

Multiple pieces of promotional material teased that Sony Pictures' upcoming Venom 3 will utilize the title Venom: Along Came a Spider.

A viral poster for the alleged film shows Tom Hardy's Venom high in the air holding Spider-Man by the throat. Seemingly Andrew Garfield's web-slinger is the one in this poster is based on his suit being the one from The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Venom: Along Came a Spider fake poster

Additionally, there are various trailers that many fans believe to be real Venom 3 trailers.

One teaser focuses on the potential Multiversal elements of the plot after Hardy's Eddie Brock and Venom were last seen being pulled back into their world during the post-credits sequence in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Another trailer teases the emergence of even more symbiotes after Carnage took the spotlight in 2021's Venom: Let There Be Carnage while Tom Holland's Peter Parker also appears in a black Spidey suit.

Unfortunately, the poster and the trailers are all fake, particularly with the trailers almost exclusively using footage from Tom Hardy's first two Venom movies and Tom Holland's original MCU Spider-Man trilogy.

However, many are expecting the MCU and Sony's Spider-Man Universe to finally connect in some way when Venom 3 debuts.

A video taken from the set of Venom 3 before the actors' strike showed Hardy wearing the same Golden State Warriors t-shirt from Spider-Man: No Way Home post-credits scene. This is the biggest piece of evidence made public so far that this next Venom movie could connect in some way to Spider-Man, although no specific plot details on the film have been confirmed.

What Will Actually Happen in Venom 3?

While Sony hasn't teased any specific plot details from Venom 3 (outside of Tom Hardy confirming it to be the final movie), many are hopeful for Spider-Man to finally be brought into the same movie as one of his most iconic adversaries.

Some believed Garfield's Amazing Spider-Man could have a shot to show up in this universe, particularly with so much chatter about The Amazing Spider-Man 3. There's also his "I want to fight an alien" line in Spider-Man: No Way Home to keep in mind, which could lead Sony to bring Garfield back into play for one final adventure.

Additionally, fans have created impressive pieces of art depicting Tom Holland in his own version of the black symbiote suit, imagining what could happen if Holland's Peter Parker found himself interacting with the powerful alien.

2023's Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse also hinted that Spider-Man meeting Venom was potentially a "canon event," which could mean that a meeting between the two is inevitable in Venom 3 according to those Multiversal rules.

But with so much time left until Venom 3 arrives and so much of the movie left to film after the writers' and actors' strikes, only time will tell how or when these two superhero fan favorites will come face-to-face with each other.

Venom 3 is set to arrive in theaters on November 8, 2024.

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