Venom: The Last Dance Villain Toxin Explained: What Is Special About Patrick Mulligan's Symbiote?

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Venom and Toxin in Venom 3

The first trailer for Venom 3 (subtitled The Last Dance) revealed the involvement of another Marvel Comics symbiote villain, the dastardly Toxin. 

Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock/Venom is seemingly set to say goodbye to the big screen when the super-powered Spider-Man-adjacent threequel arrives in theaters this October. 

Hardy's Sony Spider-Man Universe anti-hero has already gone up against some major big bads pulled right from the comics page, including Shriek, Carnage, and Riot. 

Venom 3 Teases New Villain & Symbiote

Stephen Graham as Partick Mulligan/Toxin in Venom 3: The Last Dance
Sony Pictures

Fans got a taste of a new villain coming in Venom: The Last Dance in the dangerous symbiote known as Toxin. 

The iconic Marvel Comics Symbiote was hinted at in the trailer during a sequence revealing Stephen Graham's Patrick Mulligan. 

As the camera panned over Graham's Venom 3 character, the closed captions for the character's dialogue labeled him as Toxin as opposed to his human alter-ego. 

He says as the trailer cuts to various action shots of Venom, "As long as Venom lives, everything, everyone will end."

This is the first time Toxin has been referred to in the lead-up to Venom 3's release, potentially hinting that he will be one of the film's villains alongside Juno Temple's Dr. Payne and Chiwetel Ejiofor's mystery character. 

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Who Is Venom: The Last Dance's Toxin?

Toxin holing a green foe by the head in Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

For fans who do not know, Toxin (and Patrick Mulligan) have been a part of the Marvel symbiote story for quite some time. 

Typically depicted as a supervillain (and at times superhero), Toxin debuted in Venom/Carnage #1 (September 2004). 

He is the third major symbiote in the Marvel Comics universe, as an offspring of the murderous Carnage. 

On the page, Toxin is birthed by Carnage and exiled by the bloodthirsty Spider-Man villain. The symbiote then takes Patrick Mulligan as a host, one of New York City's finest police officers. 

At first, Patrick uses Toxin for heroic purposes, taking on some of the Big Apple's most dangerous criminal threats. However, things eventually turned sour for the symbiote supervillain. 

During a confrontation with the son of Mephisto, Blackheart, Patrick Mulligan is beaten to death. With his host now dead, Toxin is captured by Blackheart and experimented on profusely.

After escaping during a raid by Eddie Brock and the crime lord Jack-O-Lantern, Toxin is forced upon Brock, taking him on as host, and becoming a dangerous symbiote comic villain.

While it seems the big-screen version of the character is taking some creative liberties with Toxin, the building blocks are there.

Instead of Patrick Mulligan dying before Toxin is captured, the Venom 3 trailer seems to see the character locked up still inside the New York City cop. 

Whether this version of the character ever spent his days as a symbiotic superhero remains to be seen, but - if he did - he will almost certainly make his villainous turn at some point during the film. 

Venom: The Last Dance is set to hit theaters on October 25. 

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