Venom 2 Starts Streaming on Netflix: Here's How to Watch It

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Netflix Venom 2

Venom 2's Netflix release may be limited, but that doesn't mean Spider-Man fans can't watch from wherever they are. 

Yes, it's true that the 2021 Sony Pictures sequel to Tom Hardy's Venom was far from on par with the MCU's Spider-Man films. 

But like it or not, Sony hasn't only established connections between Sony's Spider-Man Universe and Tom Holland's web-head, but also the wildly successful Into the Spider-Verse trilogy

Ahead of 2024's Venom 3, and on the heels of Venom's Spider-Verse cameo, here's where to watch Let There Be Carnage, regardless of regional limitations.

How and Where to Stream Venom 2

Venom fighting Carnage

Netflix UK announced on Twitter that Venom: Let There Be Carnage is now available to stream. 

While the sequel isn't on Netflix worldwide, subscribers can use a VPN in order to catch up with the film. 

VPN services can be installed on a computer, phone, tablet, or other electronic devices to change a user's network location, allowing them to stream content limited to other regions. 

A variety of VPN services are available online, including NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark, but the best ones require a paid subscription. 

While the process to set up a VPN service on different devices varies, users can select the UK as their chosen location in order to view Venom 2 on Netflix UK. 

For those without a Netflix subscription, Let There Be Carnage is also available on Amazon Prime Video in Canada, which could allow VPN users to access the sequel through that platform as well. 

The Tangled Web of Spider-Man Streaming Rights

After a movie leaves theaters and arrives on streaming, it begins a nomadic existence of migrating from one streaming platform to another based on fluid and complex contracts

Disney-owned movies, including those under the Marvel Studios banner, are largely excluded from this, given that their streaming home is Disney+

However, Spidey-related films are the exception due to Sony's shared ownership. 

This is why Spider-Man: No Way Home has yet to arrive on Disney+ and why the bulk of previous Spider-Man films have only just arrived.

So even though Sony wants Venom tied to the MCU, Marvel fans have a few hurdles to clear if they want to revisit these connections post-theater.

With more Sony Spider-Man Universe films on the way, Venom 3 included, it looks like VPNs will continue to be the most convenient means to catch up with the ever-expanding web-slinging world. 

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