Disney+ Secures Venom Movie Release Overseas

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Despite Disney+ being the streaming home for most of Marvel Studios’ content, it doesn’t house all of its projects. For example, while fans can watch Avengers: Endgame all day long, they can’t do the same for something like Spider-Man: Far From Home due to Sony owning its distribution rights. Hopefully, one day all of its projects will be under the same roof. Sadly, that’s not the world audiences currently live in—yet.

Streaming rights are a complicated matter. When it comes to other studios’ projects, they do often end up in unpredictable places.

It was just announced that five of the previous Spider-Man films would be heading to Disney+ in Ireland and the UK. Sadly, those projects remain unavailable to those in the United States.

Now, it’s Japan’s turn to get some movies that the US still can’t stream on the mouse’s service. One of them is none other than Tom Hardy’s Venom.

Tom Hardy’s Venom Takes Hold Overseas

Venom, Tom Hardy

According to the official Japanese Disney+ account, fans can now look forward to three new entries to their Marvel streaming catalog.

One of the biggest surprises is the inclusion of Tom Hardy’s Venom. There was no mention of its sequel, Let There Be Carnage, but the odds are likely that it too will see a release on the streaming service sometime in the future.

Then there is Edward Norton’s The Incredible Hulk, which was previously released on Disney+ Spain. Both that movie and Venom are not available to stream on the same platform in the United States.

For the US, Hulk distribution is still held by Universal and can be found streaming on HBO Max. Sony's Venom can be streamed on the same service.

Disney+ Japan will also be adding Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man to its library.

When Will U.S. Disney+ Release?

While Disney+ certainly has a lot of Marvel content, there’s always room to grow—mostly when it comes to Sony’s properties. As of now, none of the studio's superhero projects can be found on Disney+.

That’s posed to change… eventually. At the very least, it’s a great sign to see Hardy’s Venom making its way over to the service somewhere in the world—even if the quality may be debatable to some.

So when might the US start to see the symbiotic adventure on the popular streaming platform? Well, that remains unclear, though with it happening in Japan, the United States could be next.

Tom Holland’s most recent adventure, No Way Home, is confirmed to eventually become widely available on Disney+—though that might not be until sometime mid-2023, or into 2024.

Until then, fans can start looking forward to the moment everyone’s been waiting for: the eventual release of Jared Leto’s Morbius. It can be Morbin’ time all day long.

Venom is currently streaming on HBO Max in the US.

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