Disney+ Is Missing These 5 Spider-Man Movies — When Will They Release?

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Spider-Man, Venom, The Amazing Spider-Man, Disney+

With some Spider-Man movies finally making their way onto Disney+ stateside, many are questioning when the missing titles will release on the platform. 

The streaming walls are starting to come down, which means that some of the Sony-owned Spidey movies have started to pop up on Disney's streaming hub.

Titles like Spider-Man: Homecoming, Tobey Maguire's Spider-Man, and Andrew Garfield's The Amazing Spider-Man are now on the platform. However, it remains unknown if and when the rest of the collection (including Spider-Man: No Way Home) will release. 

So, when will those stragglers show up on Disney+? The answer could be sooner rather than later. 

When Will the Missing Spider-Man Movies Come To Disney+?

Venom, Spider-Man, Disney Plus

After a collection of Spider-Man movies came to Disney+, there are now five big-screen wall-crawling adventures that remain absent from the service. 

An official Sony press release recently said that "additional titles" will join the Disney+ library "later this year," so these remaining blockbusters, listed as follows, could release in the coming months.

Andrew Garfield's first Amazing Spider-Man movie was one of the newly-available Spidey flicks to hit Disney+, but The Amazing Spider-Man 2 still is not there. Disney+ subscribers are itching to relive the web-headed sequel, seeing Garfield's Peter go up against Jamie Foxx's Electro before he popped back up in No Way Home

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse has been written into the annals of history as one of the best comic book movies of all time; however, it still has not made an appearance on the service. With the upcoming sequel (Across the Spider-Verse) on the way, it would make sense to have Miles Morales' big-screen debut come to Disney+ in the coming months to ride the high of the sequel.

It was surprising for some after the Sony Spider-Man Universe (SSMU) made itself known on Disney's streaming home when Venom came alongside the other Spider-Man films. But Tom Hardy's symbiotic duology remains incomplete with Venom Let There Be Carnage still sitting on the sidelines. Seeing as there is another SSMU movie coming later this year in Kraven, a Disney+ release to coincide with that, could make sense.

After the success of Tom Holland's Spider-Man: Homecoming, Far From Home took the friendly neighborhood teen hero out of the neighborhood on a trip across Europe, catching the eye of the villainous Quentin Beck (aka Mysterio).

The third of Tom Holland's Spider-Man films, No Way Home got multiversal, bringing in both heroes and villains from across all three eras of on-screen Spideys. With Homecoming finally on Dinsey+ and the franchise's connection to the MCU, Far From Home and No Way Home feel like the most imminently ready for a Disney+ release.

Why Are These Spider-Man Movies Missing from Disney?

Even 18 months ago, a couple of these Spider-Man movies coming to Disney+ would have been shocking (ie Into the Spider-Verse and Venom).

This is because Disney does not own the on-screen distribution rights to these characters, so their showing up on its service would have been out of the ordinary. 

This has all changed since studios have begun to become more open to sharing their content across corporate lines (for a fee of course).

The outliers in this situation have always been Tom Holland's Spider-Man movies, as they present a unique rights situation with the character's movie rights still falling with Sony, but his most recent movies being a part of the MCU. 

As fans seek to get the whole Marvel Studios picture on Disney+, getting Holland's Spidey trilogy must have been a priority for the House of Mouse. And with Homecoming already on the service, the studio has just two more before the entire MCU saga is available on the service. 

While not all are there now, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2, Spider-Man 3, The Amazing Spider-Man, and Venom are available to stream now on Disney+. 

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