Disney+ Releases 5 Spider-Man Movies This Week In UK

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The situation surrounding Spider-Man on the big screen has always been a complicated one due to Sony's ownership of the film rights. Between studio interference, directorial departures, failed reboots, and a historic deal that almost fell apart, the road to the blockbuster crossover of Spider-Man: No Way Home was certainly a long one.

With Tom Holland's Spider-Man now firmly entangled in the MCU as Sony and Disney's deal continues, fans have been wondering for some time when the web-slinger and his movies will be coming to Disney+. After all, the Spider-Man movies and The Incredible Hulk are the only MCU entries absent from the streaming service due to rights issues.

Sony currently has a number of deals in play to bring the wall-crawler to various streaming services. One deal allowed for Sony's Marvel projects to come to Netflix, while another sets them up for arrival on Disney+, which will begin with the studio's 2022 film slate.

Now, that deal appears to be getting underway as Disney+ begins to add Spider-Man movies in the UK.

When are the Spider-Man Movies Coming to Disney+?

When Will Spider-Man: No Way Home Release on Disney+?

An official press release issued by Disney confirmed five of Sony's Spider-Man movies are now streaming on Disney+ in the UK and Ireland. The update marks the first step forward with Sony and Disney's deal to bring its Marvel properties to Disney+ this year.

Spider-ManSpider-Man 2The Amazing Spider-ManThe Amazing Spider-Man 2, and Spider-Man: Homecoming are all now available to stream in these European countries. All five of the new additions are currently streaming on Netflix in the UK and Ireland - on top of Spider-Man 3 which was excluded from this press release.

What Does Spider-Man's Disney+ Future Look Like?

With Sony's Spider-Man movies now available for viewing on Disney+ in the UK, the streaming service's MCU library is one step closer to finally being complete. The omissions from the update are Spider-Man 3Far From HomeNo Way HomeVenomLet There Be Carnage, and Morbius, most of which ought to follow in the coming months and years once current streaming deals come to an end.

In terms of when the Spider-Man movies will be added to Disney+ in North America, there has yet to be an official comment on a release window. The UK marks the first region to begin adding Sony's properties to Disney+, and more will likely begin to quickly follow in the not too distant future.

With Disney and Sony beginning to tighten their bond even closer, perhaps Spider-Man will soon become even more closely integrated into the MCU. Marvel Studios is currently developing Spider-Man: Freshman Year, an animated series that will explore the early days of Tom Holland's hero, bringing the web-slinger to Disney+ original content for the first time.

Five of Sony's Spider-Man movies are now streaming on Disney+ in the UK.

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