Spider-Man Rumor Reveals Disney+'s Big Plans for Tom Holland's Hero

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There's only one movie left for the Marvel Cinematic Universe this year, and it's a big one: Spider-Man: No Way Home. It's difficult to make it a few hours without hearing the name spoken at least once in conversation on the internet.

The hype is so intense that Sony and Marvel Studios are hosting a fan event in L.A. for the next trailer reveal––yes, for just a trailer. That's some next-level excitement.

While everyone is looking forward to Holland's third solo adventure, the actor has been teasing this next outing as a conclusion to his character's story. As for what that may entail, fans don't know; and it's stressful, to say the least.

Does that mean Holland's time as the wallcrawler is coming to an end? According to a new rumor, the answer is probably not. In fact, this could only be the beginning.

Tom Holland & His Disney+ Future

Spider-Man No Way Home

According to The Cosmic Circus, Tom Holland is going to have plenty more Spider-Man adventures to come.

The site claims that the recent streaming arrangement between Disney and Sony was a big move that strengthened the relationship between the two studios. In doing so, it allowed the parties to lay out the groundwork for the MCU's Spidey to continue on.

If the rumors are true, not only will Spider-Man be getting another trilogy of films, but the character will also have three seasons of a television show on Disney+. These would alternate; so a movie would be released, and then the following year one of the streaming adventures would follow––or vice versa.

Theoretically, the streaming series' will aim to fill in story gaps between movie releases.

The recent announcement of Spider-Man: Freshman Year may be the start of this, with the show set to explore Peter Parker's origin before his fateful meeting with Tony Stark.

Tom Holland is Here to Stay in the MCU

It's exciting to learn that Marvel Studios and Sony are getting along well enough that they would be comfortable with such an extensive agreement.

If it all goes through, Tom Holland could end up holding the record for playing the same superhero for the longest amount of time. A decade from now, Spider-Man's story could still be continuing in real-time; the world will be growing and evolving alongside their beloved webhead.

All of that story real estate provides much potential for Spidey and his journey in the MCU. Fans could get characters and comic arcs that people thought would never have made it on screen. Stories like Hobgoblin, Kraven's Last Hunt, or an MCU version of the symbioses are prime examples.

Viewers could even get something like the Clone Saga––or at least a version that would be a little less controversial than the original comic run.

Given the popularity of Into the Spider-Verse, don't be surprised if the studios eventually try a live-action version of that. With all the Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire rumors, it sure does seem like Sony is dipping its toes in water. Seeing the likes of Spider-Man Noir or 2099 on-screen would truly be remarkable.

Maybe Marvel Studios will decide to build up to a Thanos-level villain for Spider-Man himself. One option would be Morlun and his family, the villains responsible for the original Spider-Verse event.

Either way, fans of ol' Peter Parker seemingly don't have to worry about his time ending in the near future. Best strap in and enjoy the ride.

Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on December 17 later this year.

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