WandaVision Creator Really Wants To Return For Future Marvel Projects

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff in front of Marvel's Avengers characters.
By Lauren Rouse

Marvel finally stepped into Phase Four this month with the release of WandaVision , which is also the first MCU TV series to arrive on Disney+. WandaVision recently aired its fourth episode and so far it's getting positive reviews from both fans and critics.

WandaVision is created by Jac Schaeffer, but this isn't her first credit in the MCU. Schaeffer has a story credit on the upcoming Black Widow film , and she also had input on the script for Captain Marvel. Her work on these films was clearly enough to impress the MCU execs enough to give her the creative reigns on WandaVision.

Whether WandaVision's success could lead to more work in the MCU for Schaeffer? She's playing coy on that subject...


In an interview with The Playlist , Schaeffer commented on whether she would be up for more Marvel films or TV series in the future. Giving little away, Schaeffer said:

"I would consider myself incredibly lucky to work on more Marvel projects, so we’ll have to see."


WandaVision still has five more episodes left in this season but it's hard to deny its early success. With the critical and fan response thus far, it's not too difficult to imagine that Marvel would want to keep Schaeffer around for more projects in the future, and it sounds like she's definitely keen to come back.

Similar to the Star Wars brain trust, Marvel has also been known to keep recurring creatives around for its projects. Directors such as Jon Favreau and the Russo brothers have been signed on to multiple MCU projects in the past. And in the television area, Loki creator Michael Waldron is working on the script for Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness .

Given that Schaeffer has been responsible for Monica Rambeau's return to the MCU, and she's had prior experience with Captain Marvel , there's a couple of upcoming projects that could use her expertise. The Secret Invasion TV series and Captain Marvel 2 are just a couple that come to mind, or perhaps there are more plans for WandaVision content? Regardless there are plenty of upcoming MCU projects to choose from.

While nothing has been announced it's common practice for creatives to stay quiet on their involvement in future projects, particularly if those projects are Marvel-related. So while it would be great to see Schaeffer involved in another Marvel film or TV show, only time will tell.