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WandaVision: Disney Plus Confirms 2020 Release for Marvel Show

Wanda Maximoff, 2020
By Richard Nebens

Marvel Studios has finally gotten fully underway restarting production for a number of major projects planned for Phase 4, most notably with the cast of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier returning to Atlanta to finish the last few days of filming. The studio is also waiting patiently to bring projects like Black Widow to theaters, and finishing post-production remotely on other projects like Eternals.

With all of the delays that both Marvel Studios and fans have had to deal with, there are still questions all across the board as to when Phase 4 will finally arrive in theaters and on Disney+. One bit of exciting news has just arrived though on the Disney+ front, seemingly confirming that there will indeed be MCU content arriving in 2020.


Thanks to a new official trailer from Disney+, the Marvel Studios mini-series WandaVision is still confirmed to release before the end of 2020. In a quick listing of all the shows set to arrive this year, the new MCU series comes in near the 52-second mark of the video below:

This tweet was also released, showing the official release dates for a number of Disney+ shows and movies. WandaVision was not included, leading many to believe it will be lined up for a December release:


This is news that should have MCU fans cheering all over the world after waiting for new content since July 2019. WandaVision has always been one of the earliest planned releases for Marvel’s new venture on Disney+, although it was originally set to come after The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, which was not included in this short teaser.

All signs now indicate WandaVision being the MCU’s debut Disney+ series, but the world is still more excited than ever to finally have more MCU content again. The series has reportedly finished all principal photography and post-production, and an official Disney press release has slated it for release on Disney+ in late 2020.