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Marvel's WandaVision: HBO Actress Jolene Purdy Joins Disney+ Show in Mysterious Role

Vision, Jolene Purdy
By Pierre Chanliau

It seems like production for WandaVision will end any week now, but not this week. Despite a trailer having been released for WandaVision , it still doesn't have a definitive release date, just that it would be by the end of 2020 December. Filming seems to be ongoing , but signs have suggested that production is getting close to wrapping up.

More news has been trickling out about the expanded cast of actors who have joined WandaVision, like stand-up comedian Asif Ali . Another actor is appearing on WandaVision , who has already filmed their part, but this time with a confirmed recurring role.


Tucked inside a report from Deadline about HBO's limited series, The White Lotus , it was revealed that actress Jolene Purdy recently wrapped filming a recurring role on WandaVision .


It should be made clear that just because Jolene Purdy has wrapped filming on WandaVision , it doesn't mean that production itself has finished like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . Looking into this further, it seems that Purdy had actually finished her role on WandaVision by the end of August . While her role is described as being recurring by Deadline, it doesn't seem to be a substantially large recurring role.

Looking again at that Instagram post, she took a photo of them filming in a forest, which doesn't necessarily narrow down any characters, but possibly her role. It could be possible that Purdy is playing a witch , hence her reason to be in the woods. Another possibility is that she's working for S.W.O.R.D. as a field agent or scientist trying to determine the source of Wanda's powers and the anomaly surrounding the town.

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