Have you ever felt that your one true calling was to pilot the iconic X-Wing of the rebellion? Or that you were born to join the Imperial Academy? Your moment is near as Star Wars Squadrons is set to be released in October of this year. Following continued speculation , Electronic Arts' newest release is shaping up to be one of the most anticipated games for fans of a galaxy far, far away. After a spectacular initial release trailer , EA has revealed its latest gameplay trailer, focusing on new details regarding the in-game pilot experience.


Electronic Arts unveiled a new gameplay trailer for the upcoming Star Wars Squadrons , showcasing new details about the pilot experience players will be stepping into on October 2, 2020:

EA's newest gameplay trailer provided an in-depth look at what players will be experiencing in their pilot experience, and ultimately it shows that the studio is adamant in making a game that is worthy of fans' expectations.

It begins with a single-player story mode where you'll play as two combat pilots of both the Empire and the New Republic, because after all who hasn't wanted to pilot an X-Wing as well as a TIE fighter? The gameplay experience is set entirely within the cockpit, with the added option of playing the game entirely in VR.

Players will become experienced pilots of all eight ships, divided into four groups: fighters, interceptors, support, and bombers. To play the game your way, you will be able to customize everything from your pilot to your starfighter, earning more customizations that range from cosmetics to weapon enhancements as you play further into the game.

Creating your preferred loadout will be key as you take your flight experience to Star Wars Squadrons' multiplayer, which includes dogfight mode and the iconic fleet battles. Set in a 5v5 matchups, you will work alongside fellow starfighters to disable and dismantle the enemy's command ship.

At the heart of Star Wars Squadrons is EA's goal in creating an immersive pilot experience, and from the first gameplay reveals it is a safe bet to say the studio has taken that goal to heart. October 2 will be here soon enough, but there's plenty of time to get prepared. Just don't get cocky kid.