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The Direct Podcast: The Mandalorian's Ahsoka Episode Review, Thanksgiving Dinner Draft

Direct Podcast Chapter 13 Cover ARt
By Matt Roembke

We can sit here and pretend that this is a well-balanced and diverse episode that covers all three universes equally. But that would just be a lie because we all know what we are here for! On this week's episode of The Direct Podcast, we break down The Mandalorian "Chapter 13" and what this means for the Star Wars universe moving forward.

With so many reveals and surprises in this one episode, we are left with a variety of questions and storylines heading into the final stretch of season two of The Mandalorian . We also look at what implications this episode might have when it comes to expanding the Star Wars Disney+ universe.

We also spend some time on the piling up of Spider-Man 3 rumored appearances and also draft which characters from all three universes we would want to invite to Thanksgiving dinner!




6:47 - Sizzle Reel

8:42 - Spider-Man 3 Chat

19:59 - Mandalorian Chapter 13 Review

1:02:39 - Direct Draft