Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Still Not Yet Cancelled

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The COVID-19 pandemic has spread across the world far more rapidly than anyone could have predicted. Various states in the US quickly began issuing Stay at Home orders, and despite the slow and gradual process of re-opening the country now being underway, we and the rest of the world are far from out of the woods at this point. There are so many unknowns that remain, making it impossible to make big plans for anything in the coming months.

The coronavirus has already led to the cancellation of many conventions, most notably the heavily attended San Diego Comic Con . Star Wars Celebration Anaheim has been set for the last weekend in August for some time now, but the coronavirus outbreak has created many questions about the status of the event. For the first time since COVID-19 hit, Celebration organizer Reedpop has provided update on their current plans for the convention.


In a detailed update on the Star Wars Celebration website , the Reedpop team has stated that they are still monitoring the coronavirus situation and have not yet reached a decision on cancellation:

While the opening day of Celebration is still four months away, we are actively assessing the most up to date information and following all directions from federal, state and local public health authorities regarding large public gatherings in the state of California.

For attendees concerned about refunding, Reedpop has also clarified that fans will have the opportunity to reclaim their money or transfer their tickets over to the next event should Celebration be canceled or postponed:

In the event that we postpone or cancel Star Wars Celebration we will offer all fans the option to either transfer their tickets to the new event dates or receive a full refund of their ticket order .


Essentially, Star Wars Celebration is still in "wait and see" mode. The prospects of the event happening are looking grim, and a cancellation or postponement seems inevitable at this point. Had Celebration been scheduled for April as it has usually been in years past, the event certainly would've been canned. However, the odd dates for this year's event might actually save the convention from a similar fate to that of Comic Con, despite the high unlikelihood. As they've done with their other canceled events, Reedpop is prepared to refund attendees or transfer their tickets over to the next event, which should certainly ease any anxiety fans had about the situation.

With a cancellation currently undecided but seemingly on the horizon, the question now is: what's next? The surprise announcement of a virtual Star Wars convention planned for May 4th and 5th has led many to speculate that this will be a test to see if Celebration panels can be done completely remotely in lieu of the planned event. Maybe a few panels will be done virtually with Disney+ trailers and announcements in August, and then a normal Celebration pushed back to April 2021, corona willing? With so many question marks about the pandemic still floating around, having a definitive answer to this question is impossible, but we'll be sure to pass along any updates on the status of Star Wars Celebration when more details are shared.


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