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Lucasfilm Officially Releases Star Wars May the 4th Celebration Video

The Direct Placeholder
By Andrew Gilman

It's impossible to be a Star Wars fan and not be aware of the major holiday that's being celebrated across the galaxy today. As has become customary, fans worldwide are rejoicing as we celebrate Star Wars Day, held annually on May the 4th.

This year's event comes with the added benefit of providing a nice distraction from the COVID-19 pandemic, and fortunately Lucasfilm and Disney have had our back. Disney+ celebrated our special holiday by releasing the final episode of The Clone Wars , dropping the debut episode of Disney Gallery: The Mandalorian , and releasing The Rise of Skywalker into the streaming world. A major announcement made by Lucasfilm confirmed the rumored Taika Waititi Star Wars film, as well as a Disney+ series headed by Leslye Headland. To put the candle on the cake, a special video has been released to celebrate our favorite saga for May the 4th...


A video posted on the Star Wars YouTube page has been shared, commemorating the galaxy far, far away with a montage of several canon projects:


Montage videos always tend to be a hit with the Star Wars fanbase, and this brief celebration of the series will no doubt tug at the heartstrings of many. The video includes moments from each of the Saga films (with the strange of omission of Revenge of the Sith ), both spinoff films, The Mandalorian , The Clone Wars and Rebels , and even a cutscene from Jedi: Fallen Order . Driving home the powerful themes of hope, family, and friendship, the video takes the opportunity to compile all of the projects in the galaxy far, far away, old and new, and show us how far the story has come since the first title crawl hit 43 years ago. This Star Wars Day has been a special event, and Lucasfilm is making a point to give us as much as possible to celebrate our beloved franchise.