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Elemental's Disney+ Viewership Ranking Revealed Following Streaming Debut

Elemental has continued to make waves even after coming to streaming.

By Klein Felt -

Disney Issues Statement on Elemental Streaming Viewership Following 'Flop' Reports

If it wasn't already clear enough, Pixar's latest film was a hit, according to the people who made it.

By David Thompson -

Disney's Elemental: Ember Actress Thought She Blew Her Audition Due to Crying Issue

The leading actress for Elemental thought an issue with her crying in the audition for the part almost cost her the role.

By Russ Milheim -

Elemental 2 Chances Get Hopeful Update from Insider: Will Disney Actually Make It?

After an amazing run in theaters, the chances for more Elemental seem higher than ever.

By Klein Felt -

Cars 4: Will Pixar Ever Release the Movie?

Despite becoming one of the biggest names at Pixar, it remains unclear if Cars 4 will ever happen.

By Klein Felt -

Elemental Movie's Disney+ Release Date Gets Announced

Pixar’s latest will hit Disney+ sooner rather than later.

By Jennifer McDonough -

Elemental on Disney+: New Report Reveals Surprising TV Plan (Report)

Disney+ has exciting plans for Pixar's Elemental following the movie's theatrical release.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Elemental's Streaming Release Breaks a Frustrating Disney+ Record

Elemental is set to have the longest gap between theatrical release and Disney+ debut for a Pixar movie.

By Klein Felt -

Disneyland Confirms 5 Major Rides & Resort Openings In Late 2023 & 2024

Disney confirmed the opening dates for 5 new Disneyland rides and resort offerings.

By Savannah Sanders -

Disney Issues Statement on Elemental's Box Office Following 'Flop' Reports

After word the Elemental had flopped at the box office, Disney spoke out about Pixar's latest animated epic.

By Klein Felt -

Inside Out 2: Release Date, Cast, and Everything We Know

Pixar is returning to the world of Inside Out, and here's everything you need to know about the sequel.

By Klein Felt -

Elemental Movie Gets Online Release Date (Official)

Pixar's latest animated epic finally comes home after a successful box office run.

By Klein Felt -

Top 10 Disney Movies of All Time, According to IMDB

Which Walt Disney Pictures movies have the highest ratings according to IMDb?

By Savannah Sanders -

Toy Story 5: Release, Cast, and Everything We Know

How will Toy Story 5 continue the narrative after Toy Story 4's definitive ending?

By David Thompson -

Elemental Disney+ Release: When Will It Come Out?

After a mixed performance at the box office, when will Elemental hit streaming?

By David Thompson -

Disney+ Just Cancelled Its Pixar Spin-off Plans (Report)

A Disney+ spin-off of an upcoming Pixar TV series was recently canceled.

By Nathan Johnson -

Disney Suffers 3 Box Office Flops in a Row With Their Animated Movies

Disney's recent struggles with animation at the box office have not been fantastic.

By Matt Roembke -

Disney+ Unveils New Pixar Collection for Cars, Toy Story & More Shorts

Disney+ has unveiled a new Pixar collection packed with animated classics from across the studio's celebrated history.

By Alycia Leach -

Pixar's Elemental Scrapped This Villain Twist (Exclusive)

Elemental almost featured [SPOILER] as its main villain. You wouldn't believe it!

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Disney Suffers Pixar's 2nd-Worst Opening of All Time (Box Office)

Pixar's Elemental has suffered the second-worst box office opening in the company's history!

By Pierre Chanliau -

Disney Just Introduced Pixar's First Non-Binary Character

Pixar will debut its first non-binary character this year.

By Sam Hargrave -

Elemental's Scrapped Sequel Tease Revealed by Writer (Exclusive)

The ending of Pixar's Elemental almost teased what's next for Wade and Ember.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Disney+ Is Making an 'Inside Out' TV Show (Report)

A new report claimed that Pixar is making an Inside Out series for Disney+. What could it be about?

By Savannah Sanders -

Elemental Writers Speak on Disney+ Vs. Theatrical Release Decision (Exclusive)

Pixar’s Elemental writers said that the animated movie was always intended to be a theatrical release.

By Aeron Mer Eclarinal -

Elemental Cast & Characters: 17 Main Actors and Who They Play

Here are the main actors who lend their voices to the colorful cast of Pixar's Elemental.

By Russ Milheim -

Pixar's Elemental Becomes Lowest-Rated Original Movie In Studio History on Rotten Tomatoes

Pixar's Elemental is currently the studio's lowest-rated original film to date.

By Savannah Sanders -

Incredibles 3's Release Announcement Is Now More Likely - Here's Why

Here's why there's a better chance than ever that Disney and Pixar develop The Incredibles 3.

By Richard Nebens -

Disney Suffers Worst Box Office Flop of 2022 (New Data)

Disney suffered quite a few box office flops in 2022, but new data shows which one was the worst.

By Pierre Chanliau -

Disney Loses Over $100 Million from Chris Evans' Lightyear (Report)

A new report from Disney revealed that the studio lost a ton of money on Chris Evans' animated Lightyear movie.

By Richard Nebens -

Disney Unveils First-Ever Toy Story Restaurant (Photos)

Disney revealed its first Toy Story restaurant at Walt Disney World's Hollywood Studios ahead of Toy Story 5.

By Savannah Sanders -

Pixar Boss Breaks Silence on Lightyear Disappointment

Pixar's Pete Docter has commented on Lightyear's issues.

By Savannah Sanders -

Toy Story 5: Pixar Teases Surprising Story for Next Movie

New details have been revealed about the recently revealed Toy Story 5.

By Klein Felt -

How Disney's Fired CEO Damaged the Company from the Inside (Report)

A new report detailed how former Disney CEO Bob Chapek negatively impacted Disney and its market.

By Savannah Sanders -

Toy Story Director Extremely Critical of Lightyear Spin-off (Report)

Toy Story director John Lasseter is reportedly not the biggest fan of Pixar's Lightyear film.

By Klein Felt -

First Footage from Pixar's Historic Disney+ Show Released Online

A Disney+ trailer offered a glimpse at Pixar's first long-form streaming series, Win or Lose.

By Alycia Leach -

Disney’s Strange World Receives Worst Audience Score In Animation Studio History

Disney's latest animated film Strange World becomes the worst Audience Scored film in the studio's history.

By Klein Felt -

Disney Officially Replaces CEO Bob Chapek

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has stepped down, leading to a familiar replacement.

By Sam Hargrave -

Disney CEO Teases Bold Plan to Expand MCU Content

Disney CEO Bob Chapek discussed how the MCU could expand its content.

By Sam Hargrave -

Disney+ Reveals First Look at Historic New Pixar Show

Pixar gave audiences a look at its historic new show, Win or Lose, for Disney+

By Pierre Chanliau -

Disney+ Day: All 15 Movies, Shows & Specials Releasing (Marvel, Star Wars & More)

Disney Plus Day might not be as big as last year's, but it'll still bring plenty of gifts to subscribers.

By Brian Grodzki -

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