Watch: Star Wars Virtual Reality Game Trailer Introduces New Characters & Places

Tales of Galaxy's Edge Concept Art

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is the latest Disney theme park attraction that opened last May at Disneyland in California. The highly acclaimed attraction immerses fans within the galaxy far, far away by incorporating Star Wars-related activities, a plethora of Easter eggs from the Skywalker Saga, and the presence of otherworldly characters and droids from the franchise.

Interestingly, It's also worth pointing out that Galaxy's Edge is more than a theme park attraction. Previously, it was recently announced that a book centered on the visual realm of Galaxy's Edge will soon arrive. In line with that, a virtual reality experience that is closely tied within the lore of the ride will arrive soon, essentially giving fans a whole new experience. And now, new pieces of information have emerged about the aforementioned virtual reality game.


Entertainment Weekly released two new pieces of concept art which depict one of the game's main characters in the form of Tara Rashin, the leader of the Guavian Death Gang. For those unaware, the gang was last seen during the events of Star Wars: Force Awakens where they tried to apprehend Han Solo, Chewbacca, Rey, and Finn aboard a space freighter:

In Tales of Galaxy's Edge , players will play as "a droid repair technician who crash lands on Batuu after a pirate attack." From that point on, the players will get to experience a grand adventure in true Star Wars fashion. Senior producer Alyssa Finley shared that the game "starts out in absolutely classic Star Wars style" while also confirming that the events will take place after Star Wars: The Last Jedi :

"The main narrative arc for the game, set after the events of Star Wars: The Last Jedi starts out in absolutely classic Star Wars style. As a droid repair technician aboard a cargo ship, you, the player, crash land on the planet Batuu. You got some stuff to do that leads to a conflict, and now the Guavian Death Gang is after you. Sorry about that. "

The report also revealed that Star Wars veterans Bobby Moynihan and Debra Wilson will voice Seezelslak and Tara Rashin of Tales of Galaxy's Edge respectively. Seezelslak will be the one telling the legendary tales while Rashin will be the "power-hungry space pirate." Moynihan previously portrayed Orka from Star Wars: Resistance while Wilson portrayed Cere Junda from the hit video game, Jedi: Fallen Order .

In addition, Tales of Galaxy's Edge director Jose Perez III unveiled the creative process of how the game came to be:

"Obviously, we're saying [the protagonist] plays a droid repair technician. So, many great ideas spun out of that space alone. I think it's going to be really cool to see how it plays in [Tales]. We get to work with the same concept artists that they use for all of ILM and for Lucasfilm. We have these incredible artists who are drawing out the scenic vistas, imagining what the spires look like... You throw out two words: 'What if there were tree roots?' And then, all of a sudden, you get a space that is intertwined with the ancient tree roots and the story of the entire space starts to be realized."

Perez also opened up about the difficulty of creating a game while in the midst of an ongoing health crisis, citing that the Oculus gaming system proved essential to the overall process:

"We've got one person who’s running the whole stage and doing the whole thing for this particular project. What about the animation process? The Quest is a huge advantage. You can carry it with you wherever you go. It was one of those things where we were just going to have to make it work. And it did. We were definitely a little worried about it. There were talks about, maybe we’re going to have to animate this, but let’s capture it anyway. [Since] we started working with the technology, it’s working pretty well."

ILMxLAB officially released an exclusive look at Tales from Galaxy's Edge . The video showcases the game's story, characters, and regions:


With so much to unpack, it's clear that Tales of Galaxy's Edge is a one of a kind Star Wars experience. The possibilities are endless for a space opera epic like Star Wars, and this latest creation should give credence to that. The introduction of new characters and worthwhile stories should provide delight to those fans eager for more content from the massive franchise.

Based on the new set of characters, it's clear that the game has further shied away from the use of lightsabers. Instead, focusing on a space pirate like Tara Rashin could provide an opportunity for fans to uncover more secrets in the galaxy while also getting the chance to explore new regions that are not usually seen in the movies.

The remarks of the game's director also indicate the hard work and creativity of the crew behind-the-scenes. Despite the ongoing health crisis, it's worth pointing out that the execution of those ideas were limited, but it seems that everything went well as evidenced by the director's enthusiastic comments.

Though no release date has been announced, it was promised during the reveal video that fans will get to experience Tales of Galaxy's Edge later this year. Given the wide array of reveals, it's safe to say that this virtual reality game will be worth the wait.