Star Wars: The Mandalorian's Stunt Team & Ludwig Goransson Haul In Emmy Awards

Ludwig Goransson, Emmy
By Andrew Gilman

Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni a great deal to be proud of. The creators assembled a stellar team to bring the world of The Mandalorian to life, with the series bringing home five 2020 Emmys on Wednesday night . The first season of the show was recognized for the groundbreaking visual effects accomplished with The Volume, in addition to multiple wins for the Sound team and cinematography.

Ludwig Goransson's score was one of the most popular elements of the hit series' premiere season, successfully mixing new natural elements with the classical approach taken by John Williams. Fans are eagerly anticipating the debut of The Mandalorian Season 2 and the continuation of Goransson's work in the Star Wars universe, but a new honor gives us another chance to admire the composer's earlier work...


Composer Ludwig Goransson has won a 2020 Emmy award for The Mandalorian's first season score, via the official Star Wars Twitter account:


The Mandalorian has also won an Emmy for Stunt Coordination:


This is an outstanding honor for Goransson, one that's beyond well deserved. The score for The Mandalorian's first season grabbed fans the instant the titular character's theme played on TVs, and the music continued to serve as our entry point  the uncharted waters of Mando's world as the story progressed.

Goransson has spoken at great length about his approach to developing the score for the series, wanting to stay true to the roots of Star Wars' music written by Williams while incorporating new tech and natural sounds previous unheard in the universe. In 8 episodes, the composer has managed to establish countless gripping themes for our new heroes and villains and created musical separation with the rest of Star Wars while simultaneously working within its boundaries.

The Emmy award wins for The Mandalorian this week have added to the excitement surrounding the series, and these are likely the first of many in the years to come. Ludwig Goransson is as responsible for the success of the show as anyone, with his forthcoming score in Season 2 now even more anticipated than ever.

For an action series, The Mandalorian's stunt work was second to none. The effort required to allow the masked Din Djarin to perform in combat took a village to produce, and the various other actors involved in battle sequences made the gritty world compelling and convincing. It's been teased that Season 2 will dial the action up to 11 , making the stunt team's work all the more important going forward.