"You may think you have some idea of what you are in possession of, but you do not...It means more to me than you will ever know." Moff Gideon's cryptic words to Mando and The Child foreshadowed the truth: there are bigger stakes at play in protecting our favorite foundling. What could those stakes be, and will we see them come to fruition in the next season? Cast members have been notoriously tight-lipped , but there are a few theories circulating . One thing is for certain: significant events are likely to unfold when Mando and The Child return to Disney+. And per one actor with plenty of experience in a galaxy far far away, those events may shock fans everywhere.


In part four of an exclusive interview with Star Wars Holocron Blog , Darth Maul voice actor Sam Witwer had time to chat about The Mandalorian and the surrounding fandom of the Disney+ show. In teasing the second season, Witwer had this to say regarding expectations, and teased some big things in the future:

There are things that [Dave Filoni] has coming in The Mandalorian Season 2 that are going to blow people’s minds. Because the thing is that Dave and George always had the same instinct when it came to this.


Given that Lucasfilm is already moving forward with the third season , it's safe to assume that the events of season two will be significant. We saw just a glimpse of how ruthless Moff Gideon can be in season one (after all, he did lay waste to fellow ally 'The Client' at the hands of his Death Troopers). And just recently, actor Giancarlo Esposito teased how much more of threat his character will be in season two . Moff Gideon will do more of the dirty work himself to achieve his goal, does this mean we could see Mando or Baby Yoda placed in more threatening danger unseen in the first season? Additionally, Witwer's comments coincide with the rumored leak of the episode titles for season two (beware of spoilers). If those episode titles are indicative of what's to come, we could be in for some surprise character appearances or ties to bigger story arcs to set up future shows. Whatever may be on the way, if Witwer says it will "blow our minds" we must be ready for anything to happen in season two. Just no Baby Yoda danger...right?